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We are the Episcopal Cathedral in the Diocese of Massachusetts , located in the heart of Boston
We are A House of Prayer for All God's People.
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The Communities of the Cathedral
Our Sunday congregation welcomes you to beautiful worship and life-giving fellowship. Our motto is “When in doubt, we choose love.” Join us Sundays @ 10a!
The Crossing is our grassroots, justice-focused, do-it-yourself church community of hipsters, heretics, homeless, and other unlikely pilgrims. Join us Thursdays, dinner @ 6p & worship @7p.
MANNA (Many Angels Needed Now and Always) is a ministry of and with the homeless community in downtown Boston. We need each other. And this is why we gather each week to serve, to pray, and to create together. Join MANNA throughout the week for any number of our programs!
Our Episcopal Boston Chinese Ministry (EBCM) serves the Chinese-speaking community in Downtown Boston, hosting both traditional and contemporary worship services in Mandarin and Cantonese. We invite you to join us on Sundays @12:30p.
From the Dean
Click below to see video of the Patriots’ sixth Super Bowl victory parade.
This Tuesday was a day filled with civic ritual. By the time I arrived at the cathedral shortly after 8 am, Tremont St. was full of people dressed in Patriots swag, and by noon our staff had joined the record-breaking crowd to wave at the Super Bowl winners as they passed by on duck boats. There were chants and songs, the throwing of beer cans (not by us!), the pumping of fists, confetti. 
At 9 pm that night another civic ritual was enacted in Washington DC. Millions of Americans participated by tuning in. There were also team colors (white to support women, red ties for GOP men, lapel flags all around), ritual announcements and movements, and chants (USA). 
Do these civic rituals form us or deform us? What do they say about our sense of identity and community? What do we laud and why? And why are people so enthusiastic about a Patriots win that they take their children out of school for the day to attend this parade, but rarely or never attend a procession in a church building?
Anglicanism is a “liturgical tradition.” I offer the thoughts above not to condemn sports fandom nor Congress, but to note that there are other liturgical traditions and to wonder with you about the ways our culture forms the people we seek to serve each week.

Christ's peace to you,
Our Cathedral at a Glance...
This Sunday, February 10
The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany
The Very Rev. Amy McCreath
The preacher this Sunday is
The Very Rev. Amy E. McCreath
Missed the latest Sermon?
Here you go!
"It's all Love" by The Rev. Canon Cristina Rathbone.
What's Going On...
Faith Matters
Our FaithMatters series in the season after Epiphany will ask "Where shall we bring the light of Christ?" Each week, a member of the congregation will share with us their commitment to an aspect of social justice and lead us in conversation. Then we will discern our next steps as a congregation in our work for justice. Social Justice Committee meets after FaithMatters, in the 2nd floor conference room.

Feb. 10 - Anne Ipsen, creator of a Creation Care Primer
Feb. 17 - Ambrose Spenser on global warming
Feb. 24 - Bernetta Morton on racial justice
March 3 - Reflection & next steps

Are you interested in being baptized or confirmed?
 Baptism is the sacrament through which people become full members of the Body of Christ. Confirmation is for people who were baptized earlier in life and now want to claim their Christian faith within the Episcopal Church as adults. If you are interested in being baptized or confirmed by Bishop Gates at the cathedral’s Easter Vigil (April 20 th  at 6 pm), please speak with Dean Amy before March 3 rd  to learn more about the preparation season, which will run through Lent.
Dates of Note 
Winter Walk
February 10th @ 8:30a
The  MANNA Singers  have been invited to both open and close the city's Winter Walk again this year. The Winter Walk is a campaign raising awareness and funds to help end homelessness in Boston. Its an annual 2 mile walk around the city in February, the coldest month of the year. Learn more and register  here
An Evening With The Pilgrim
Sunday, February 17th @ 5p 
Since 2012, the Brookline Booksmith has generously hosted an annual celebration for The Pilgrim: the literary magazine from the homeless community of downtown Boston, edited by Atlantic staff writer James Parker and published out of the Cathedral Church of St Paul. These evenings are reliably extraordinary. Pilgrim contributors share work from across the full spectrum of the homeless/transitional/recently housed experience, and the writers meet their readers. 2019 promises to be another revelatory and challenging year for the magazine and its writers, and we need your support. Please join us to celebrate 8 years of The Pilgrim at the Booksmith, 279 Harvard St., Brookline, on Sunday February 17th at 5pm.
Ordination of The Rev. Tamra Tucker
Saturday, Feb. 23rd @ 2p
Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 2pm for the ordination of The Rev. Tamra Tucker, The Crossing’s Pastor & Lead Organizer-In-Charge, to the priesthood! Gifts can be made out to St. Paul’s Cathedral with “Crossing Discretionary Fund in the memo.
Legislative Action Day
Thursday, Feb. 28th
The Social Justice Committee of the Sunday Congregation invites you to join the MA Coalition for the Homeless for a Legislative Action Day on Thursday, Feb. 28th. This is a chance to learn more about the housing crisis in our region, connect with others working for change, and advocate for policies and funding in support of housing for all. Click  here  to sign up!
March 6
8:30a  - Morning Prayer with Homily & Imposition of Ashes
Noon  - Holy Eucharist (Misa - Spanish Language) with Imposition of Ashes
5:30p  - Holy Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes 

Lenten Preaching Series
Thursdays in Lent, 12:00 to 12:30 pm
Join us for the  Lenten Preaching Series  at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Thursdays in Lent, 12:00 to 12:30 pm, with light lunch and conversation with the preacher following. Bring your own brown bag lunch or partake of the light lunch provided.
Theme: What is Truth?
Pilate's question to Jesus, "What is Truth?" (Jn. 18:38) resonates through the ages, as each of us stands before God wrestling with questions of meaning and identity. In our time, the idea of truth is under attack in new ways, challenging our coherence as a society and our witness as a church. This Lent, we will hear from pastors, poets, and scholars who are prayerfully engaging this question.
Wisdom From the Desert: A Lenten Day Workshop
Saturday March 16, 2019 9a-4:00p
For more information: contact Phil Hardwick
I dream in colors
and silent sounds
the landscapes
my hunger got the
best of me
I walked miles under
a grey sky
I carried everything
that wasn't nailed down
I drank from a
shared bottle
passed around by
a unseen stranger
being dirty and tired
growing sick and dismayed
I said what I thought
had value now it's
pick up a stick to
defend myself only
to dust off my shoes
when did I die
feels like I never
left the shelter
or never missed
my real home
-Roland Cantwell

The Pilgrim is a literary magazine written by our friends of the  Black Seed Writers Group . Sign up for an annual print subscription.
Diocesan Events
Our Cathedral serves as administrative, event and liturgical host to the  Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts  (DioMass).

To stay up-to-date on what's happening in DioMass:
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

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The Cathedral Chapter
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