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Do you know about Basecamp? Do you use Evernote? Do you know how to invite people to meetings through Outlook? How about using a Panda Planner? It’s the week after Labor Day, which might as well be known as National Get Your Act Together Week. Everyone’s back from their vacations and trying to cram the slice of God’s mission to which they are called into some organizational system or another. At the cathedral, we decided a visual of the “big picture” seemed helpful, and were tired of staring at screens, so we put our major events on a white board. It’s a start, anyway, and we all breathed a bit more deeply once we did it.
I’ve been in a slew of meetings this week, all of them dedicated to getting organized for the journey ahead this program year. They have been helpful: timelines were generated, important bullet points were bulleted, and useful e-meeting rooms were set up. But most life-giving and clarifying for me were the meetings that began in prayer. No organizational system can match the power of the Holy Spirit. No work-team app can inspire like Jesus. And no org chart we create can come close to the brilliance of God’s divine ordering. Thank you, thank you, thank you, colleagues in ministry who pray me into meetings. And if I start a meeting without praying, please stop me and ask that we pray!

Our Cathedral at a Glance...
10 AM service with blessing of the backpacks!

Scholars of all ages are invited to bring a backpack,
or another sign of their vocation as students for a
blessing for the academic year ahead.
The preacher this Sunday is:

The Rev. H. Mark Smith

Missioner for Youth ministry
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Our Sunday congregation welcomes you to beautiful worship and life-giving fellowship. Our motto is
“When in doubt, we choose love.”

Join us Sundays at 10 a.m.!
The Crossing is our grassroots, justice-focused, do-it-yourself church community of hipsters, heretics, homeless, and other unlikely pilgrims. In August we do house church. Visit the Crossing website, or check their newsletter each week for more information.
MANNA (Many Angels Needed Now and Always) is a ministry of and with the homeless community in downtown Boston. We need each other. And this is why we gather each week to serve, to pray, and to create together. Join MANNA throughout the week for any number of our programs!
Our Episcopal Boston Chinese Ministry (EBCM) serves the Chinese-speaking community in Downtown Boston, hosting both traditional and contemporary worship services in Mandarin and Cantonese. We invite you to join us Sundays at 12:30pm.
What's Going On...
Monday & Tuesday morning services return.
With the return of the academic year comes the return from our summer hiatus. Morning Prayer on Monday, and Holy Eucharist on Tuesday are back. Join each weekday morning for worship and check out all of our worship opportunities here .
Upcoming Events...
Greater Boston Stand Down will take place on Friday, September 6, 2019 at Boston City Hall Plaza. This yearly event brings together community providers and Veterans in one place to provide Veterans easy access to services and employment opportunities. Over 100 service providers, employers, and community organizations will provide essential supportive services, including housing assistance, medical care and wellness programs, legal support and employment help. Free lunch for veterans and live entertainment. Vets: You must bring proof of service. DD214 is acceptable.
Blessing of the Backpacks - Sunday, September 8, 10 am. All students of all ages are invited to bring their backpack, so we can bless it - and them! - for the year ahead. Please note that the baptism originally scheduled for Sept. 8 has been postponed to Oct. 27
Congregational Retreat - Saturday, September 14, 12:30 to 5:30 pm at the Friends Meeting House in Cambridge. Our theme is “Come away for a little while.” Details further below in the newsletter!
TPS Film Watch Party - Wednesday, September 18, 6:30 pm at the cathedral. Come view a short documentary about families living under the threat of deportation, learn how to defend TPS and work for permanent residency for TPS holders, and enjoy a light dinner. Co-sponsored by ECM. Sign up here .
Abraham: Out of One, Many - An exhibit of art by acclaimed Jewish, Christian, and Muslim artists, will be on display at the cathedral from October 27 to December 6 . Mark your calendar now for the exhibit opening party - October 27 at 4 pm. Also, we are recruiting people to serve as docents - to be in the sanctuary, welcome people to view the art, and answer basic questions. If you are interested in learning about this opportunity, contact Roger Lovejoy at the cathedral. Learn more about the exhibit here .
Congregation Retreat
Saturday, September 14
12:30 - 5:30 p.m.

A Spiritual Retreat for the Sunday Congregation

Join us September 14 th  from 12:30 – 5:30 pm to meet at the
5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge MA
( T-accessible ...just off Harvard Square)

for the Cathedral’s First Annual Congregational Retreat with your fellow congregation members:
-           there will be lunch and beverages
-           then scripture prayer, readings, bible study and responses
-           walking and talking outside
-           and coming back together to imagine how we might deepen our hospitality to all on Sunday mornings
-           and, there will be transportation at the
beginning and end. if you need help, please let us know.

It will be important to register before September 9 th , which you are welcome to do by responding to Ann Page Stecker (annpagestecker@gmail.com) online here .
FIELD NOTES by Kevin Walker

The last week of summer is finally here. This up-coming Saturday and Sunday is the Labor Day weekend. The ‘official’ end of summer and the beginning of the fall season. Music to my ears.

Already the weather has cooled down to the 60’s and upper 50’s. A thirty-degree temperature drop in some cases as compared to the 97 degree heat wave we enjoyed in early August. Yet we still have a short return to summer in September before the crisp fall air settles in.

Time to ‘fall up’ and break out the long pants and sweatshirts. It is almost cold at night. I’ve switched from sleeping on my sleeping bag to being inside my bag for a warm night’s snooze. First time all summer, I wake up with a cold nose and cold toes. The morning air is bracing down along the banks of the Charles River Estuary where I camp out at night.

It’s too early for the leaves to change color, that won’t happen until after the Autumnal Equinox in mid-September. But for now at the tail-end of August, the cool fall-like temperatures are a welcome relief from the blazing heat of a long, hot summer.
IT’S OVER by Jimmy Fuhrer

I think often about whether or not it is over . I know that sounds rather grim, but at the age of 60, with no family or close friends, being homeless, disabled – when I sit alone, I have to wonder if it’s over. There is no joy or happiness or barbecues or get-together, nobody planning events like a birthday, a christening, or family events. I am pretty sure that it’s over.

There have been times in the past where I was able to repair the damages done by my addiction . It’s absolutely inconceivable for someone to know exactly what addiction takes from you. I know there are families and brothers and sisters of addicts who are out there who are just as alone as I am. But they are from the flip side of the coin. The part that addicts understand – yet, on the other side of the coin – there’s the addict who suffers his own lonely, angry, disappointed life, that utter feeling of helplessness.

You can jump through all their hoops and do everything they tell you to do and still, in the end, it’s over.
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Diocesan Events ...
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