NavPilot 700 & 700/OB Autopilots Departing Soon...
´╗┐NavPilot 300 & 711C Kits Are Perfect Replacements!
June 12, 2020
Sales Bulletin #2020-22
Inventory for the NavPilot 700 and NavPilot 700/OB is running low and we anticipate these models will be leaving our product lineup in the coming weeks. Fortunately, both the NavPilot 711C and the NavPilot 300, with its revolutionary Gesture Controller, are excellent alternatives to the departing NavPilot 700.

In addition to the NavPilot base models, we offer several kits that include components necessary for select drive-by-wire installations. As a bonus, these kits are offered at an additional savings, compared to purchasing the required components individually.
NavPilot 300 Autopilot
NavPilot 711C Autopilot
The NavPilot 711C and NavPilot 300 are in stock and available for immmediate shipment. Please contact our Order Service Department for availability of the individual NavPilot kits outlined above. For complete details, be sure to visit the NavPilot product pages at
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