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  • Navident EVO Feedback Report

6 months post official release we asked experienced users how things were going.

  • Blue Sky Bio Navident Compatibility

Do you like planning in BSP? Plan as usual, export to Navident and start drilling.

  • Navident Training Opportunities

In person and virtual learning autumn schedule.

  • New Navident Distributors

Introducing 6 new dealers in 5 countries within APAC, EMEA and North America.

  • Navident Fall Tradeshows

On the road again and traveling to 6 of 7 continents this fall, sorry Antarctica :(

  • Navident Global Contacts

Our trusted sales, support and training team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Silvia La Rosa


After 6 months in the field we asked our experts

Dr. Jacques Vermeulen, France, relates his experience with Navident 

1. How long have you been using Navident UNO (Navident’s first system) and when did you receive your Navident EVO (Navident’s newest system)?

I started using Navident UNO in 2019 and I was very satisfied.

I received EVO at the beginning of 2023 and kept the UNO system for 3 months in my clinic as a precaution. I wanted to make sure that EVO worked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by EVO's performance and the software's user-friendliness.

95% of implant surgeries are now performed with EVO.

2. What prompted you to buy the upgrade?

The technical improvements in EVO versus UNO, such as: impression registration, autoclavable parts that are smaller and lighter, and especially the handpiece tracker which has no blank spots for the Navident EVO camera – which was a major flaw on the Navident UNO.

The protocol for complete edentulous cases using impression registration, without the need for osteosynthesis screws, played a positive role in my decision.

Future developments in EVO also convinced me. The forthcoming possibility of controlling the implantology engine and photogrammetric impression taking were also important factors in my decision.

3. How many cases have you performed with each system? Estimated.

I estimate having carried out at least 150 clinical cases with Navident UNO, and to date I've carried out 70 clinical cases with Navident EVO. This translates in over 500 implants placed with Navident.

4. What are your impressions of the improvements made to the EVO system?

1. Speed and user-friendliness of the planning software. For example, with Navident UNO, I used to carry out an implant pre-study on Simplant and since I've got EVO, I've totally abandoned this pre-study. I now carry out the study directly on EVO.

2. Ease of STL matching, either from the optical impression or from a study of the prosthetic project by the laboratory. It only takes a few seconds!

3. Impression registration eliminates the need for tracing (saving 1 to 2 minutes) and the need to place osteosynthesis screws in the case of the completely edentulous, or in the case of immediate implant extraction

6. Would you recommend it to a colleague and why?

I would simply say that the future lies in dynamically guided surgery! Implant placement without planning and dynamic assistance would be like driving a car without GPS, an airbag or a braking assistant.

The time lag between planning and dynamic guided surgery is negligible.

24 years ago, when I tried to convince my colleagues that the use of a static guide would be the future, I was preaching to the choir.

Today, ALL young practitioners use static guidance...! In fact, they're 20 years behind the times ...!

Today, we need to invest in dynamic guidance, which allows a rapid transition from planning to surgery and avoids the use of highly polluting and expensive resins. Partial robotization of implant placement will soon become an obligation.

Dr. Jacques Vermeulen using Navident UNO

Dr. Jacques Vermeulen using Navident EVO

More Feedback from Our Global Navident Community

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Each doctor provided their own feedback on Navident EVO that you can read on the Navident testimonial page here or in this video


Export your plan from Blue Sky Plan directly into Navident and start navigating.

Officially released in Navident EVO in Q2 and now available for the UNO Platform, import from Blue Sky Plan represents the commitment to predictable results being delivered more efficiently. 

Watch the video here


Photo courtesy of Dr. Paula Villa

Advanced Navident Endodontic Training

Date: Oct 18, 2023 

Time: 3:30 PM EST

Credit: 1 CEU

A live interactive training program presented by Dr Ido Bermanis, Clinical Director for Navident. This program is intended for Endodontists and their staff, current users of the Navident UNO and EVO dynamic navigation systems. The topics were developed based on current users feedback and requested topics to be covered.

Register for Endo webinar

Training at the Toronto Headquarters:

ClaroNav HQ in Toronto is growing! We have recently Doubled our office space and are currently renovating to create a beautiful space where we can welcome doctors back for monthly training and workshops. The plan is to restart training in our head office by November. Stay tuned for more information and pictures of the work in progress!

For more information:

European Training Opportunities:

  • October 26. Certification course with Dr Comuzzi
  • November 18. Certification course with Dr Comuzzi
  • December 16. Navident presentation at Istituto Stomatologico Toscano

For more information:


ClaroNav is extremely proud to announce these new Navident distribution partners!

Ivoclar Australia

Ivoclar New Zealand

Front Dent Hungary

WTI Dental USA

JK Dental USA

Megagen Italy


Don't miss Dr. Luca Comuzzi at the AAID in Las Vegas!

We have a very busy exhibitor schedule for the Fall. We will be exhibitors at various tradeshows in the USA, Europe and the Pacific. Please come and say hi if you are going!

USA Tradeshows

Sept. 18 – 23. AAOMS Annual Meeting. San Diego, California

September 28 – 30. ICOI World Congress. Dallas, Texas

October 5 – 7. EndoCon. San Diego, California

November 1 – 4. AAID Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, Nevada

Master Clinical Trainer, Dr. Luca Comuzzi will hold a course during the AAID.

November 9 - 12. AAP Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas

November 30 – December 2, 2023. AAOMS Dental Implant Conference. Chicago, Illinois

European Tradeshows

September 28-30 EAO Berlin, Germany

October 12-14. DDS Global Congress. Casablanca.

November 28 - December 2 ADF, Paris, France

Pacific Tradeshows

September 24-27. FDI World Dental Congress. Sydney Australia


Corporate Partnerships and International Distribution:

Jason Pardo


Tom Tilmans


Erik Chang

Southern Europe

Luca Casalena

Canada + (West NY, OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, WA)

Darrell Cook


Jorge Ramirez Wong


Dr. Ido Bermanis

Training and Continuing Education

Beth Budreau

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