October 8, 2014
We get asked about tricky subjects all the time. "How do I resolve an intractable conflict?"  "How do I deal with emotions in a negotiation?"  "What do I need to know if I want to fire someone?"  

Below are articles on all three of these topics - and find more on our new "Articles" page on the Global Genesis website.  We always love your comments and questions - feel free to send them in!

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Tackling the Intimidation of Termination

Cathy Taylor, SPHR


For anyone who has supervised employees for a time, you may have come to that moment in time where you decided an employee has to go.  For most, it's an uncomfortable experience.  Often times, these employees stay much longer than they should, due to procrastination or a hope that they'll turn around soon.  So, when is the right time and how do you conduct a termination?  Is there a "best practice"?

There are four different categories of terminations: 1) At-Will, 2) Lay-offs, 3) Termination for Cause, and 4) Constructive Discharge. 


Read "Tackling the Intimidation of Termination" to learn how to best process each type of termination. 


Cathy Taylor is principal of 
a division of Global Genesis.


Emotions of Negotiation: The Element of Surprise


One of the more interesting and challenging demands of any negotiation is the myriad decisions each of us must make when we negotiate:  when to be tough, open, make an offer, give a little or lot, reveal information that might help or hurt our cause, stay silent...and so on.  With every decision we make, we must also manage how we use our emotions.  Can we show anger or frustration?  What about showing anxiety, happiness, sadness, or confusion? 

Conventional wisdom for many is that emotions should be left out of the negotiation.  I challenge that as both impossible and unwise.  

Emotions have both a positive and negative impact on our negotiations, so the task for us is to know the difference and use emotions to support the outcomes we are looking for.  Not an easy thing to do when we are feeling angry, frustrated, or disappointed. These kinds of considerations make emotions a complicated element of our negotiations, so I view this as a first article on the topic that will be followed by others in the future.  Your thoughts on the topic would be more than welcome!

The Element of Surprise 

Let's start with the all too common element of surprise - the seed of many internal emotional and physical reactions.  

HR Corner: An HR Audit Can Save Your Business!

Cathy Taylor

For a small California business, inattention to your HR practices can not only deprive value, but can actually pose a serious risk.


What's the danger?  California is notorious for its many, many, complex labor laws as well as litigious employees.  If an employer is not fastidious in keeping abreast of ever-changing laws, the chances of unexpected lawsuits is high.  There are plenty of attorneys soliciting employees to file suits, and they are delighted when they can bring others into the situation and create a class-action lawsuit.  The awards are mind boggling and can wipe a business out overnight. 


So, what is a small California business owner to do? Start with an Human Resources audit.

An HR audit is based on best practices that are central to having a healthy, employee-positive workplace, assuring legal compliance, and giving surety that HR practices are in alignment with the organization's goals.

There are several types of HR audits: 

  • Legal Compliance: Reviews workplace practices and policies to assure they meet all legal obligations;
  • Best Practice: Reviews HR practices and compares them to current practices that have been developed that are considered to be optimal within an industry;
  • Workforce Analysis: Assures that the right people are in the right jobs at the right time and future requirements are planned for;
  • Strategic: Assures that all HR activities are in alignment and support the organization's goals and objectives.

Golden State HR offers a thorough audit that assesses legal compliance (CA specific), best practice and strategic support.  The audit is composed of several modules that can be done on a stand-alone basis:

  1. Compensation and Benefits
  2. Employee Relations
  3. Leaves of Absence and Workers Compensation
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Training, Development, Performance Management and Succession Planning
  6. Documentation

The audit provides a risk assessment as well as recommendations for improvement/remediation.


Send Cathy Taylor an email today, 

to get the peace of mind you need by having Golden State HR conduct an audit of your business.

Golden State HR is a division of Global Genesis. 
Navigating Conflict: How to get to common ground

In conflict, be fair and generous.  -- Lao Tzu


Ah, Conflict.  What would we do without it?  What do we do WITH it?  In stories, the conflict - the interplay between people, the striving for what we think are opposite sides - is what keep us interested.  In real life, some would say the same - while others would say, "if you give me conflict - get me out of there!"  People have many reasons for avoiding conflict - perhaps they value the relationship over whatever the "fight" is about; perhaps they don't want the discomfort of conflict; perhaps they feel it is too risky.


At Global Genesis, we believe that conflict is not only a natural part of the human dynamic, but that conflict can be an opportunity to build relationship as well as get results.  We help people get better at conflict ultimately so they can achieve better outcomes, better relationship - and even common ground.


Read more about "Navigating Conflict: How to Get to Common Ground" here...

Got Questions? Try Coaching!

In this world of video chat, coaching has become a terrific way to access real-time input from Global Genesis.  This is a great way to further develop skills you may have learned in World Class Negotiations, to enhance your own leadership development, or to answer urgent questions about organizational or team development. 


In particular, Terry has been coaching by skype with clients world wide.  Email Terry if you would like to consider coaching yourself! 


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