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Dear Prevention Community,

While our communities – our close friends and families, our neighborhoods and our world – are being impacted by both concerns and safety preparations for COVID-19, we are aware that apprehension about safety in all forms increases. As we move into more social distancing, including quarantines and social service limitations, we want to recognize that many people are worried about their own safety and the safety of their children in uncertain times. 

Adult survivors may find themselves triggered as they isolate. Vulnerable people in abusive situations now may be at risk for greater abuse. Adults who normally protect children may be distracted and not able to respond adequately to warning signs.

It’s more important than ever to practice safety planning and to speak up about any concerns we have about behaviors and situations that put children at risk. Our confidential Helpline remains open during regular hours (12am – 6pm ET, M-F) to help with any concerns about children’s safety, and you can contact our Helpline via email or review our resources at any time.

If you are worried about a child’s safety, especially a child who may be confined with another youth or adult who could be at-risk to harm them, please contact your state’s reporting hotline to discuss your concerns. If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, depression and/or fear during this time, please know that help is available – and that people care and are available. Speaking out early is how we keep each other safe.
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) reached out to us, asking us for recommendations to help parents navigate emergency situation child care concerns; we shared this advice column, How can parents find safe child care in emergencies?
We hope you will find it helpful, and share widely.
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Jenny Coleman, LMHC
Director, Stop It Now!
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