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Navigating Your Grief After a Divorce
Divorce can feel like a death -- the death of our “happily ever after” and the belief that our family would always be our family. Just like dealing with the different stages of grief over a death, there are also stages of divorce grief you may find yourself navigating:
Whether or not you are the one to initiate a divorce, when it’s done you may feel as if you just can’t believe it is happening to you. This is a natural protection measure your brain takes to get used to painful events. Realize that it will take some time to get used to seeing yourself as a divorced person.
Anger is another natural emotion that serves a purpose. It galvanizes us to take action and provides focus for the work ahead. It is also the beginning of the healing process. However, you should not let anger take over your life and turn to bitterness. Instead, use it as a source of energy for the tasks ahead. You will need to manage your anger in order to obtain a successful divorce, a process that always involves compromise. 
“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”  
~ Khalil Gibran
Depression can show up in many ways: not being able to get out of bed, the inability to find joy in things that used to bring you pleasure, numbing the pain with alcohol or drugs, or even eating ice cream out of the carton. We all have ways of coping with depression. However, if you find yourself immobilized by sadness, it’s time to seek professional help -- especially if you have children. They will be looking to you for guidance on how to deal with their emotions, and if you are too frozen in place to help, they will suffer.  
The last stage of grief, and the final step toward healing after a divorce. Once you have finally accepted that your divorce is a reality, you can start spending your time and energy on things that bring you joy. Obviously, everyone heals at his or her own pace and you should take the time you need to achieve acceptance. While the death of your marriage is worthy of your grief, you should realize that it is not a final step in your life’s journey.  
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