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Did you know? May is Mental Health Month!  A great time to remind ourselves of the power we have to promote well-being among kids and teens in our lives. 

Visit our website for new resources and tips throughout the month. Below is a glimpse:

Navigating the System. Dr. Ellen Braaten joins our latest episode of Shrinking It Down: Mental Health Made Simple to offer advice on ways parents can get the appropriate support for kids struggling with mental or behavioral health issues. Watch or listen.


Apps That Got Me Through School. Do you have a college student in your life? So do we! As our editorial assistant, Shahd Husein, wraps up grad school, she reflects on finding mental health support in technology.  Read more.

Creativity Gives Our Brains a Boost. Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steve Schlozman delve into all things creative in this recent podcast episode, including the biological and social impacts of creativity on individuals, kids, and communities. Watch or listen.

And remember, there are ways to  make things better on the way to getting to "best." It takes a village, but #HealthyMinds happen when we all work together.
By Gene Beresin, M.D.
Imagine crossing a street and almost being hit by a massive Mack truck. The panic you'd feel is a normal reaction. But in cases of panic disorder, there is no Mack truck.  Read more...

By Shahd Husein
In addition to traditional therapy, I've been using mental health and mindfulness apps throughout undergrad and grad school... Let's face it - while higher education can be rewarding, it can also feel chaotic.  Read more...


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The "New" Kid: The disconnect that transfer students have attending a new university
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