As consumers of all ages become more health conscious, superfoods are gaining popularity, and are finding a place in the employee break room.

Research from Navitas Organics , a Novato, Calif.-based provider of these nutritionally dense foods that are often associated with medicinal benefits, found that 68 percent of superfood users snack on superfoods, 67 percent consume smoothies, and 54 percent add them to other snacks. The percentages are slightly higher for superfood consumers who happen to be Navitas Organics customers.

“Breakroom is one of the places we are really focusing on,” said Patrick Reynolds, the company’s director of sales for away-from-home sales. “We think that in many parts of the country, our products are aligned very nicely with what is desired or being demanded in the break rooms. We really don’t want to limit things that are in retail to retail only.” The company’s away-from-home division, which includes vending and micro markets, has been growing as fast as the retail division.