August 2020
Navy + White Kitchen
Project of the Month
Lighting, door handles and cabinet hardware are the finishing touches on a reconfigured kitchen with improved layout and counter space.
Kerry James Marshall
Black and part Black Birds in America: (Grackle, Cardinal & Rose-breasted Grosbeak), 2020
Black and part Black Birds in America: (Crow, Goldfinch), 2020
Inspired by John James Audubon, Kerry James Marshall explores in these 2 paintings the societal pecking order, the one drop rule, and the question about whether or not Audubon himself was Black. All this in the context of racist fear of Black birders and continued police brutality against Black and Brown people.
Green Design & Mindful Living
Trash Education

Teaching our children about wasting less and caring more for our planet
is so critical. Thank you Georgia Madiba for your inspiring story!