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Nayax, a provider of cashless, telemetry and management solutions for the unattended payments industry, has acquired VendSys,  a developer of cloud-based vending management software (VMS), for an undisclosed sum, marking the most recent hardware/software partnership in the vending industry. The two companies will continue to operate separately.
Carly Furman, Nayax CFO and COO, told VTN Nayax wants to be able to deliver both cutting edge hardware and software.  Prior to the acquisition, Nayax had the Nayaxvend management and monitoring solution. "Instead of developing that further, VendSys had everything (in VMS software) that vending operators of any type and size could want and need," Furman says. Nayax believes it has now partnered with the best VMS solution available, but it will continue to support customers using other VMS systems besides VendSys. 

By Elliot Maras
Briggo Robitic Precision with Direct Trade
The Coffee Haus has been serving customers at Dell since March of 2015.

Love your specialty coffee but dread waiting in line watching a barista? Fear not. In fact, if you're a true coffee afficionado, you can have it exactly the way you like it, without waiting, every time. The third wave of specialty coffee - the direct trade movement - now has its own fully automated kiosk. The 48-foot Coffee Haus kiosk encases a robotic barista that allows customers to serve themselves a coffee beverage customized to their personal taste.
Customers can order and pay from a smartphone app, online, or directly from the natural wood-paneled kiosk.

A sample manufacturer point-of-sale promotion.

LightSpeed Automation's digital advertising platform, called Vision, gives vending and micro market operators a tool that allows them to run video advertising to boost sales and earn advertising revenue. The platform allows operators to control content and scheduling from an online portal using a secure log in.

The Vision platform offers three ways to improve profits. One way is to use digital advertising to promote products at the point of sale to increase sales. Another way is to use the advertising to selectively promote products with better profit margins. Still another way is to use the platform to sell advertising. The software tracks every time an image is played, providing the operator the data they need to sell advertising to product suppliers.

This machine at the MIT Media Lab is one of the few refreshment venders to accept bitcoin.
Researchers working late at the MIT Media Lab need not fear hunger attacks. A vending machine that takes bitcoin offers a few bottles of soylent. A QR code taped to the front enables the customer to scan the QR code to obtain the bitcoin address. Besides soylent, there is also a roll of masking tape, should anyone need it.

"Surely this is a metaphor for something," tweeted  Ethan Zuckerman, director of the MIT Center for Civic Media, who posted a picture of the machine. Zuckerman told VTN the machine is not operated by MIT's vending service, but is part of a project.

According to, a bitcoin news website, the machine was previously stocked with natural and organic food bars and snacks. It represents one of the few refreshment vending machines that accepts bitcoin.

"This will be the only vending machine left after the robot apocalypse," noted Matt Novak, a Gizmodo blogger. 

Parlevel Systems for Micro Markets

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