October 15th, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

The future of payments in a world that continues to be affected by Coronavirus as well as the state of the cashless payment industry were discussed in a recent webinar by Carly Furman, CEO of Nayax and Jeff Beach, VP at Visa. 
What Is Driving The Increased Use Of Cashless Payment Systems? 

Vending, micro-market, and business owners across the United States knew that the use of cashless payment options was on the rise before Covid-19 but, has the pandemic increased the use and demand for this option?

The answer to this question is yes. Consumers are of course eager to avoid touching surfaces whenever possible and that is one of the primary reasons why they are open to cashless payments. Besides this reason, the use of cashless payments has risen in the United States because the average consumer either has a card or phone in their pocket that they would prefer to use for payments instead of traditional currency.  

Contactless payments have become a preferred payment method in unattended retail” – Jeff Beach

Most consumers stopped carrying cash before Covid-19 so it’s been a natural fit for them to adapt to using cashless payment options for their other transactions, especially in the unattended retail space where cashless payments have been one of the core reasons why this part of the vending industry has succeeded. 

Besides helping a business to increase its sales, cashless payments have also been found to offer added benefits to the business as well including being more weather resistant than traditional swipe to pay options. 

The Pixcell Photo Booth is developed on the basis of Rosavtomattorg’s many years of experience in servicing photo booths of various modifications. The Photo Box booth uses the latest innovative technologies that have no analogues in the world. The dynamic camera allows you to adjust the photography height without affecting the seat setting. A bright lightbox on the front of the photo booth will attract attention and make it possible to place the necessary information materials. Auxiliary handles are provided for people with disabilities.

The option of contactless control of the photo booth with a touch monitor is possible. Main functions: photo for documents of any size on matte paper, printing photos on glossy paper from your phone, printing photos on glossy paper from media. The photo booth accepts cash and non-cash forms of payment.

Botast has released a new vending machine that will revolutionize the food industry and prove to be a great asset in convenience micro markets and vending machines located in airports, breakrooms, casinos, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, shopping centers, senior centers, etc., particularly during the current pandemic.
The Botast Smart Burger Vending Machine dispenses hamburgers on the spot using innovative technology and a smart terminal. The company says its technology improves food safety and quality while boosting sales. 

In today’s society, people are relying more on technological advances which improve convenience and efficiency. In addition, with the current market, especially with the strains that COVID-19 has recently put on businesses in the food service industry, not all business locations are able to stay open 24 hours a day to meet the demands of customers. Food safety is also a major concern right now for many customers.

A foot-operated vending machine? Yes, it’s true, the world's first foot-operated vending machine is now available in Japan. Created by DyDo, a leading beverage company in Japan, the company is the first to bring a foot-operated vending machine to the marketplace.

Besides dispensing cold beverages, this vending machine is easy to use since all a consumer has to do is use their foot to tap the corresponding number of the item that they want to order from the vending machine, eliminating any need for consumers to touch the machine with their hands. 
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