A movement of God Through the People of God
Our purpose is to pioneer, develop, and resource local, interdependent and sustainable Nazarene churches.
At the recent meeting of the General Board of the International Church of the Nazarene, the BGS has presented a refined and updated view of Nazarene Missions and will be sending a 12.5in x 9in x 3.25in box of resources to every church and to our District Superintendent beginning March 22 with 8 lbs of promotional resources to educate and inform church leadership and their congregations.

Also, between now and March 22 , every lead pastor on the district should be notified by a phone call from the Global Ministry Center letting them know that the kits will be coming.

If you subscribe to the digital or print edition of  The Holiness Today, the March/April 2019  issue is a special issue focusing on  Nazarene Missions : A movement of God Through the People of God  and all this information is presented there as well.

The box that is scheduled to arrive is sent in care of the  CHURCH,   not any specific person in the church. 

It will contain the following items:

  • 1 copy of the Special Edition of the March/April edition of The Holiness Today.
  • 1 copy of a Sermon Guide for the lead pastor involving information for 2 sermons to clearly articulate the change.
  • 1 copy of a 3 session Leader guide that is designed to help leaders 
  • Understand and clearly articulate the purpose and method of Nazarene Missions
  • Understand and clearly articulate what it means to be a Nazarene missionary and the church’s process of sending.
  • Understand and clearly articulate how to support Christ’s transformational work through the church of the Nazarene.
  • A link to download (http://nazarenemissions.org/resources) all 9 videos listed in the three lessons. 
  • Promotional materials such as 3 different trifold brochures that correlate with the above 3 session leader guide. 
  • Copies of 2 styles of bulletin inserts  up to 75. More available to download or a number to call to request hard copies
  • Copies of 3 styles of Posters. More available to download or a number to call to request hard copies
  • A newly designed offering envelope  up to 75 copies. More available to download or a number to call to request hard copies.
  • booklet focusing only on Nazarene Missions possible enough copies up to 75. More available to download or a number to call to request hard copies. (content is similar to the The Holiness Today just reduced to only the Nazarene Mission info and smaller format)
  • All materials sent will be in English. Access to translations of this information in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean as available at www.nazarenemissions.org/resources.

Nazarene Missions  is  NOT  just another term for  Nazarene Mission International These are two separate entities

Nazarene Missions is the General Board document/statement similar to Nazarene Essentials thus, probably why the box is being sent to the churches as opposed to a specific person.

Nazarene Mission International is the organization that is tasked to help church leadership educate and clearly articulate the Nazarene Mission to their congregations so please be on the look out for the box of resources being sent and distribute to all those in leadership who need to know.

As always, your district council is here to help you with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact our District NMI president, Kathy Pelley or connect with any district council member .

Please mark your church calendars:
Spring District tour
Global Missionaries
David & Sylvia Potter
Vanuatu | Asia Pacific
April 7-14, 2019
Summer District Tour
Global Missionaries
Collin & Shireen Elliot
Madagascar | Africa
June 10-16, 2019

District Convention
Global Missionaries
Dave & Betsy Scott
Croatia | Eurasia
July 13, 2019
Local NMI Annual report information will be available online mid-April. Letter of instruction and a link to this years form will be sent to each church by that time.
Easter Offering 2019
Resources are now available for Easter offering 2010. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Korean

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