Volume 17 | March 2019
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New Case Study: Amerex Corporation
Amerex, like many companies performing large-scale manufacturing that required sub-assembly of their products, began to face mounting pressure from their competitors that were having products produced in Asia. In order to remain competitive, Amerex needed a manufacturing solution to meet the price pressures from the Asian market. Learn how NovaLink helped Amerex become more competitive with their manufacturing.

7 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Manufacturing
If your company is considering manufacturing in Mexico, it is always a sound practice to think through the entire process of manufacturing your product before you start. Manufacturing is complex, and without taking stock of the tasks involved, you might be setting yourself up for failure before you even produce anything.

To aid in becoming successful, NovaLink has provided you with 7 mistakes to avoid before you begin manufacturing your product.
As a Potential Manufacturing Partner, What is Most Important to You?
Proximity to Market
Availability of Equipment for Producing Your Product
The Skills of Workers Completing Your Product
NovaLink News Roundup

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