Volume 08 | June 2018
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Seats Incorporated Case Study
In 2017, NovaLink began working with Seats, Incorporated., an OEM and contract manufacturer of seating. Seats had a unique challenge: an abundance of business and not enough resources to accommodate it. NovaLink was able to put together a plan of action that enabled them to not only meet the orders for their current crisis but also expand their business for new orders, all in just 10 weeks.

Top 10 things you need to know before manufacturing outsourcing in Mexico
Knowing where to begin is the most important hurdle of any large business project; this is no more true than when considering manufacturing outsourcing in Mexico.  These are the Top 10 most important issues to consider before manufacturing in Mexico.

Proximity to Market Challenge: Mexico vs. China
What does it mean to manufacturers when they are trying to get their products to market in a timely manner but are shipping from China instead of Mexico? Read the infographic on why Mexico wins the time to market challenge every time.

NovaLink News Roundup
FORBES: The Unintended Consequences Of Starting A Trade War With Mexico   http://bit.ly/2JLnush

Almost 2 Million US Jobs Will Be Lost if NAFTA is Torn Down: Study http://bit.ly/2FKe79D

The Technological State of Play For Manufacturing and Utilities http://bit.ly/2JXW7rd

NAFTA Negotiations: Mixed Feelings for US Companies on Mexican Border  http://bit.ly/2JXStNW

Global Automakers Urge Trump to Keep NAFTA http://bit.ly/2t8Tmgr

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