Volume 13 | November 2018
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Case Study: Franklin Products
A family-owned and operated business, Franklin had a niche in the airline seat production industry, producing a small component of the seating: the foam cushion cover that wrapped around the bottom of the airline seat. Because of their limited component to the overall seat production, they needed quality work done rapidly and sent to other factories for the final seat assembly. In order to grow, competitive costing became a focus. The labor staff needed to produce the cushion also needed to be small and affordable.

What’s Your U.S. Manufacturing and Tariff Strategy?
With nearly 6,000 Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) item classifications identified for the imposition of a 10 percent to 25 percent penalty tariff on imports from China, it is time to consider all options. Even though some products, parts, and raw materials have escaped the penalties so far, the future of new tariffs and penalties is uncertain. Will your products be next? What is your U.S. manufacturing and tariff strategy?
Do the China tariffs make you want to reconsider where to do your manufacturing?
Full Service Manufacturing is the Bedrock of our Company
NovaLink’s Full Service Manufacturing is a comprehensive, complete turn-key manufacturing solution for our customers all “under one roof.” 

NovaLink keeps costs low while manufacturing high quality products: It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a large multinational company, NovaLink’s infrastructure allows our customers to explore full service manufacturing in Mexico and decide if it is a fit for their company without significant risk.

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