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Low Labor Costs in Mexico: Top 10 Ways Manufacturing Profits
Low labor costs in Mexico provide many benefits than just a lower bottom line; see how your business can profit from utilizing the low-cost labor pool in Mexico.

Avoiding the China Tariffs
When faced with the choice of paying China tariffs or having your operations close to home in North America, NovaLink believes that manufacturing in Mexico is the obvious, and best, choice.Since July of last year, the United States has imposed taxes on goods made from factories in China when they’re imported into the US. The goal of this tax, and the other China tariffs, is to make Chinese products more expensive for American consumers and businesses to buy.
NovaLink has the Manufacturing Facilities in Mexico to Meet Your Production Needs
NovaLink operates two 200,000 square foot Manufacturing Facilities in Mexico in the town of Matamoros, and another 60,000 square foot distribution facility in Brownsville, Texas.  Space in these manufacturing facilities is apportioned for customer operations on a needed basis. Typically, full service manufacturing line requires 30,000 square feet.

NovaLink News Roundup

Manufacturers are already struggling to fill more than 350,000 job vacancies. Manufacturers report that attracting and retaining a quality workforce is their biggest challenge.   Read the Article

When it comes to imports into the U.S., China sent $539.5 billion last year. Imports from Canada were $318.5 billion and from Mexico, $346.5 billion. Take North America as a whole, and the combination of trade with Canada and Mexico dwarf that of China.     Read the Article

Polaris CEO says if trade war with China not resolved soon "we would have no choice but to move production to Mexico".   Read the Article

It’s no secret that Mexico plays a key role in U.S. manufacturing supply chains. A 2017 study revealed that seven in 10 source parts and products from Mexico. Mexico is the third-largest trading partner of the United States, behind Canada and China.   Read the Article

What’s the True Cost of an Ignorant Supply Chain? Read the Article
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