Volume 20 | June 2019
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What is more important to a business: Affordable labor or dependable labor?
What is more important to a business: Affordable labor or dependable labor? Affordable labor is always a priority (you can’t get your product made if you can’t afford the workers to make it) however, having low turnover of employees should be as equal a priority, especially in manufacturing; the difference between getting your product produced and fulfilling your orders in the supply chain often comes down to the availability of workers.

NovaLink’s Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services
Every new operation requires administrative support: NovaLink’s Mexico Manufacturing Consulting Services provides accounting, information systems, recruiting, training and managing employees. NovaLink will staff an operation according to your needs. For projects with a design component or those that require greater technical expertise, we can recruit additional engineering talent to help oversee the nearshore manufacturing services operation.
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If the US Increases Tariffs on China, Will You Consider Mexico as a Manufacturing Alternative?
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