Volume 15 | January 2019
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Resources for Mexico Manufacturers
Resources for Mexico Manufacturers gives you the guidance to utilize NovaLink’s 30 years of experience to help with your manufacturing questions. These resources are deigned for manufacturers to be used in analysis of their current supply chain model to determine if moving your manufacturing operations to Mexico is the best fit for you. Want to find out more about Manufacturing in Mexico?

Turtle Fur Case Study
Clothing company Turtle Fur needed manufacturing garment production, but required the labor pool to scale up and down for their seasonal production. Read the Case Study on how NovaLink helped Turtle Fur with their staffing needs.
What is most important for your manufacturing operations?
Quality of Product
Cost Efficiencies and Savings
Proximity to Market
NovaLink News Roundup

A Mixed Picture, For Now, About Manufacturing's Strength - Advanced Manufacturing  Read the Article

Trade Tensions Prompt Supply Chain Changes for Firms in China   Read the Article

Mexico launches plan to stimulate US border economy   Read the Article

Companies Ponder Moving to Mexico to Escape Trump Tariffs     Read the Article

Small midwestern companies are being forced to pursue moving to Mexico to avoid tariffs levied in President Donald Trump's trade war, according to reports.  Read the Article
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