Volume 25 | November 2019
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New Case Study: Westland Industries
Due to the nature of their business, Westland could not carry inventory for their products, as many of the covers and Bimini tops are aftermarket, and no longer available for sale retail. This on demand model required them to manufacture and ship on a short timeline – sometimes as short as seven days. Learn how NovaLink aided Westland Industries in creating a no-inventory model for their manufacturing.

Supply Chain Drive: What US companies should know about expanding manufacturing to Mexico
As of 2019, Mexico is the largest goods trading partner with the U.S. with over $600 billion in imported and exported goods. This relationship has created 1.2 million jobs as of 2015, according to the latest data available from the U.S. Department of Commerce. It’s also been reported, as of February 2019, that U.S. trade with Mexico increased 3.36%, while trade with Canada decreased by 4.12% and with China by 13.52%.
China or Mexico?

China or Mexico? Our new presentation examines the common talking points of manufacturing your products in China and why Manufacturing in Mexico is the better choice. 

NovaLink News Roundup

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