Volume 09 | July 2018
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Turtle Fur Case Study
Turtle Fur needed manufacturing garment production, but required the labor pool to scale up and down for their seasonal production (an increase/decrease of 20% in workforce depending on the seasonal runs). Keeping a large labor crew all year round was not profitable. In addition, Turtle Fur needed the labor crew to be able to work on several different types of products based upon demand , and not have anyone working on the line as a "specialist".

Supply Chain Questions You Should Answer Before Manufacturing in Mexico
It is always a sound practice to ask for specific supply chain metrics from a manufacturing partner to ensure they are capable of producing your product effectively. 

Mexico Contract Manufacturing
With more than 2,900 employees and 30 years of experience in Mexico contract manufacturing, NovaLink has established itself as a world-class example of how nearshore companies produce high-quality manufactured goods. 

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