Volume 06 | March 2018
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What does it mean to you when you see the phrase “Made in China”?
Consumers are now scrutinizing what it means when a product is “Made in China” and asking questions like: Is it really inexpensive? Am I getting a quality product? And most importantly; Is “Made in China” despite their price, are really worth it?

No Raw Materials? No Problem.
Many of our customers have dedicated suppliers in place, but for those that do not, NovaLink will source materials and provide cost estimates.

March Download: NovaLink's Garment & Textile Customers

The following presentation is a brief overview of the satisfied clients in the garment industry with whom NovaLink has had the pleasure of working. NovaLink has been the textile manufacturing industry since 1992 when we entered the market with Fruit of the Loom since then we have been privileged to work with the companies in this presentation.  

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