Volume 11 | September 2018
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Contract Manufacturing in Mexico
With the new trade agreement in place between the US and Mexico, companies seeking to initiate or move their operations to a more affordable environment now have a better option rather than locations in China or Asia.
Nearshore, Offshore and Onshore: What’s the Difference?
When seeking to meet operational costs and offset expenses associated with their manufacturing, companies may look for opportunities to re-distribute portions, or even their entire operations, to a 3rd party partner such as Novalink.  Explore the differences between Nearshore, Offshore and Onshore as well as examine the benefits and disadvantages of each option.

Case Study: Powell Industries
As an alternative to building a new facility or adding space, Powell sought a partner with the expertise and experience to oversee a portion of their subassemblies. Powell ultimately engaged NovaLink in June of 2009 to manage their surplus manufacturing needs given NovaLink’s proven
history of supplying and delivering high quality subassemblies.

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