Volume 1 | November 3 2017
Near Shore Manufacturing News from NovaLink
The best news, events, links and offers from North America's Premier Near Shore Manufacturing Partner.
Top 10 Ways Manufacturing Profits from Low Labor Costs in Mexico
Low labor costs provide many benefits than just a lower bottom line; see how your business can profit from utilizing the low-cost labor pool in Mexico.

Featured Service: Our Facilities
NovaLink operates two 200,000 square foot facilities in Matamoros, Mexico, and another 60,000 square foot distribution facility in Brownsville, Texas. Space in these manufacturing facilities is apportioned for customer operations on a needed basis. Typically, a near-shore manufacturing line requires 30,000 square feet.
November Download: NovaLink Company Overview
NovaLink is the most diverse, business-ready manufacturing partner in the United States. Learn the complete background of NovaLink, Manufacturing's Premier Partner.

The Mexico Advantage
Location, inexpensive labor pool and skilled workers are just a few reasons why Mexico is the most favored manufacturing base for companies in the United States.

Manufacturing in Mexico is simple and cost-efficient. Let us show you how.
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