Volume 18 | April 2019
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Why you should switch to NovaLink (even if you are already manufacturing in Mexico)
Even if your company is already manufacturing in Mexico, you can still upgrade your service by moving to NovaLink. Read the infographic that provides 6 solid reason why NovaLink should be your nearshore manufacturing partner.

Resources for Mexico Manufacturers
Resources for Mexico Manufacturers gives you the guidance to utilize NovaLink’s 30 years of experience to help with your manufacturing questions. These resources are designed for manufacturers to be used in analysis of their current supply chain model to determine if moving your manufacturing operations to Mexico is the best fit for you. Want to find out more about Manufacturing in Mexico? 
Does the ongoing trade war with China make you worry about the future of your business?
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NovaLink News Roundup

Almost a decade after bottoming out, the U.S. #manufacturing sector has yet to reach its pre-recession levels of output. Production must grow another 4.4% to achieve cyclical peak. We may be talking 2020 for manufacturing to reach the mountaintop   Read the Article

Manufacturing is becoming too successful for its own good. The sector is growing so fast that it cannot find enough people to fill open positions, and that shortage is threatening to hurt the nation’s economy in the coming years.      Read the Article

Factory facilities will become more fragmented globally as the production of goods meant for non-Chinese consumers moves closer to their target markets, according to Gerry Mattios, vice president at Bain.  Read the Article

China Manufacturing: Is the Bloom now Off That Rose?   Read the Article

Mexico is an unexpected winner in the trade war between the United States and China: several Chinese manufacturers have relocated to the country and Mexican exports to the U.S. surged in 2018. Read the Article
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