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Plenty of good news, as always!
Mares and foals like these in Senegal are among the multitude of animals who will benefit from your tax-deductible, year-end donations!
We set a very large goal this year: to raise $1 million dollars for our
Horse Heroes campaign, to fund international equine welfare programs in memory of the 1 million American horses and mules who served, suffered, and died in WW1.
We're happy to report that thanks to our very generous donors, we are nearing our goal, just in time, as our fiscal year will end December 31.

18 days and only $29,424 more to go!
Providing quality equine healthcare, when and where it's needed
Working horses, donkeys and mules enjoy good welfare when their owners and handlers treat them well and when their basic needs are met.
Basic needs include regular and reliable access to good quality veterinary care, farriery services and essential resources such as food and clean water.

With this in mind, Brooke works to ensure good quality services and resources are available to animals when and where they need it. An animal hospital in a major city is of little use to an animal in a remote rural area when they have a broken leg, especially when the owner can’t get them to the hospital.

Brooke works with local communities and networks to focus on prevention and improve the quality of services and resources available at local level.
For example, Brooke invests in training local government vets in India and community-based animal health workers in Africa. Brooke does this to ensure a better quality of service is available to working animals in the areas where they live and work.

Through your donations to Brooke USA, Brooke teams offer training and support to a variety of local networks.

For example, in Afghanistan, local paravets make their living by providing treatment and vaccination to cattle and sheep in remote areas. Brooke designed and delivered an equine training package to develop their skills. Having learned more about wound management and equine animal handling, paravets are now able to improve the lives of more animals.

Your donations to Brooke USA help to fund sustainable programs like these in a number of countries around the world.
Please consider converting your donations to monthly recurring gifts to increase your impact!
Brooke USA Donors Support Senegal, Where They're Even Reaching Animals and Owners Beyond their Borders

From Burkina Faso: "My name is Sawadogo Balkissa. I am 21-years-old and newly married. As part of my daily chores, I have to take care of my father-in-law's donkey.

"I have learned a lot from the lady who comes to our locality every month to talk about animal welfare. I learned that a donkey needs to drink 20 to 40 litters a day, and that it consumes a small amount of feed in the morning, an average quantity at midday and a larger quantity at night when it is at rest, and that it also needs vitamins. So I have changed the way I take care of the donkey.

"Moreover, I have learned how to clean the eyes of the donkey to remove dirt and debris. Now the donkey looks better and more robust. My father-in-law is proud of me. 
"I cook and sell rice for a living. Every day, the donkey transports wood and water for cooking; it also helps me to transport the cooked food to the point of sale.  

"My husband and I don’t have enough means to buy a donkey. I know how valuable a donkey is so I am putting money aside to buy one. 

"I will be happy to have my own donkey which I will maintain with great care." 
Mark you calendar!
Our biggest fundraiser of the year, the annual Nic Roldan's Sunset Polo and White Party in Wellington, Florida, will take place on March 24, 2018!
Changes like this take place through your support!
It is motivating to see donkey owner groups in Kenya becoming sensitized to animal welfare and beginning to appreciate the donkey as an equal to other animals on their farms. These farmers draw huge benefits from this equine, and Brooke East Africa continues to encourage similar groups to embrace this good culture.
Working at the Government Level
There is only so much that Brooke and its partners can single-handedly achieve globally, so scaling-up what we know works at the local level is how we amplify our impact. It's done by influencing regional, national and international governments and organizations to develop animal welfare policies which include working donkeys, horses and mules who are so often overlooked.

Brooke is therefore very proud to be influencing global welfare standards and policies, as well as shaping national legislation that elevates the welfare of working animals.

It's another way that your gifts to Brooke USA are making sustainable impacts on the working animals who need us.

This year, the Absorbine company celebrated their company's remarkable 125th anniversary . As part of the commemoration of their company's great success and longevity, they graciously and very generously reached out to Brooke USA, and came alongside us as a charity partner for the year. It has been a wonderful partnership which has benefited many animals and people in the equine welfare programs that we fund. In fact, we could not have asked for a better charity partner. So as 2017 wraps-up, we want to say, once again, how much we appreciate not only Absorbine's funding, but also the driving desire to improve the lives of equines, which permeates their company.

Very best wishes for another 125 years!
Brooke East Africa is working to change the attitudes and practices associated with poor equine welfare, and to promote basic skills such as correct harnessing and handling.

Establishing community action groups is an important aspect of their work. These groups put donkey owners in touch with trained health service providers and allow them to participate in groups savings (such as co-ops), support each other in caring for their animals and engage with local authorities.
Many thanks to the United States Dressage Federation

The United States Dressage Federation kindly gave us a booth at their National Finals last month, as well as an opportunity to hold a silent auction during their Adequan / USDF Annual Convention.

Thanks to them and the wonderful folks who donated and purchased auction items, we made at least $7,000!

Many thanks to Stephan Hienzsch , Ross Creech , and a special thanks to Chelsey Burris , who took such good care of us at both events.

The dressage community has been great to us and we appreciate the continued support and enthusiasm from so many riders, including our own Brooke USA Ambassadors.
When you purchase (it's actually a tax-deductible donation) Brooke USA Shop virtual gifts on behalf of family, friends, clients, co-workers, and others, we can send an acknowledgement card to let them know about your generosity and the programs that you're helping to fund in their name.
Brooke USA Dressage Ambassadors See Brooke's Work in Guatemala

Three of Brooke USA's dressage ambassadors, Olympians Kasey Perry-Glass and Allison Brock , as well as Grand Prix competitor and National Champion JJ Tate recently traveled to Guatemala to observe Brooke’s work focused on improving the lives of the working horses, donkeys and mules.
The ambassadors were joined by Brooke USA’s Development Officer Kendall Bierer, as well as staff from ESAP, Brooke’s partner in Guatemala. ESAP’s Executive Director Mario Sapon Pellecer led the group through drought-prone regions of Guatemala for an eye-opening, first-hand observation of the Brooke USA- funded programs in the region.

ILast March, Brooke USA raised more than $250,000 for Brooke/ESAP’s programs through Nic Roldan ’s Sunset Polo & White Party, held in Wellington, Florida.

We're so happy that these lovely ambassadors made the effort to see some of Brooke's work firsthand.
Update from Horse Heroes:
Our Horse Heroes Research Project makes a permanent record of the role of America’s horses and mules to WWI available to the public
This week the United States World War One Centennial Commission and Brooke USA launched new web pages presenting information and photos that document the role of American horses and mules who served in WW1.

Brooke USA was invited by the Centennial Commission to research and create web pages on the Commission’s website as a permanent record of the valuable role played by American equines in the war. These animals served, suffered, and died alongside their brave soldiers. 
The web pages will present fascinating information about horses and mules during the war and all aspects of their daily life. By partnering with the Centennial Commission, Brooke USA believes it will expand global understanding and recognition to honor the incredible role these horses and mules played in the outcome of the war, as well as educate people on how their legacy still supports working equines today. 
Carefully brought to life by Brooke USA volunteer, lifetime horse enthusiast and avid historian Jo Ellen Hayden , the new web pages offer a very in-depth look at multiple facets of World War One history as it relates to the use of equines, and in particular American equines.
Good Holiday Gift
Dorothy Brooke's new biography will be thoroughly appreciated by whomever it's read
"Dorothy Brooke and the Fight to Save Cairo's Lost War Horses," by Grant Hayter-Menzies, is a new biography of our founder. With a forward by Monty Roberts and reviews by celebrities such as actress Joanna Lumley and Temple Grandin, PhD . it will be a great read for anyone who loves animals, history, or inspirational women. It will also make a great stocking stuffer!

40% of the royalties from the book will be donated by the author to continue Dorothy Brooke's amazing legacy of compassion.

Please remember our partners and sponsors when shopping:
As part of their celebration of 125 years of caring for horses, Absorbine® 
will donate a portion of all 2017 Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment sales
in the United States to Brooke USA. 
Shop Phil The Horse, and when you check out, please indicate Brooke USA as your charity of choice, then Phil will donate 15% of your purchase price to us!
Brooke USA 's mission is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.
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