A woman of Samaria….said to Jesus, “Sir, give me this water, so that I may not be thirsty…..         John 4:5-42


A couple of strangers were visiting a dusty little town in the Backcountry of West Texas.  It was a conservative county.  No drinking, no dancing, and no movies, nothing at all like that was allowed.  But these two were strangers so they asked a cowboy where they might find a drink.  “In this town,” said this cowboy, “they use whiskey only for snake bites.”  Then he added shyly, “There's only one snake in town.  So, you’d better git in line fast.  He gets worn out real quick!”


The woman at the well in this weekend’s Gospel had a great thirst. It was this thirst that led her to the well that day.  Her thirst was more than for water. She had had five husbands and was now alone. Jesus could see her sadness, so he helped her see what that dry parched empty feeling inside her was really all about.  She was really thirsting for love that would last, a love that would fill her full and give her purpose in life.  


We all have a mighty thirst, like the woman at the well. We've looked for love in all sorts of places.  They have often been dead end streets.  But God has been infinitely patient.  During our restless search to quench our thirst, God is constantly calling us to see he is the only one that will satisfy our thirst.  Listen to his call inside your heart.  Listen to his call to quench your thirst.  Hear it and say yes. God is always waiting by the well.


Fr. Don


  • Stations of the Cross: Friday 7pm
  • Parish Mission THIS SUNDAY, 7pm with Sr. Melannie Svoboda, SND - "Mary, Woman of Hope." Bring some cookies or pastry to share at the social afterward.


  • Lenten Food Collection this week, canned fish or meat.


  • Fill-A-Truck, a 50th Anniversary project assisting immigrants, Saturday March 18, 10AM to 1PM. Details in the bulletin.