Friends Interpreting Services, LLC

IS PROUDLY hosting workshop!

April 23, 2022, 9am – 12pm EST

“But I Don’t Even Know It in English!”

.3 CEU

How do you interpret a surgical procedure if you are not an intern? How do you interpret classic literature if you weren’t an English major? How do you interpret computer lingo if you can’t even set the microwave clock? This workshop will help participants develop general tools for dealing a specialized vocabulary, and to broaden the use of the already developed skilled to turn jargon into understandable and sign-able concepts.

**Presented in ASL**


$40.00 via registration online

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Meet the Presenter!

crom but larger.png

Crom Saunders!

Performer, Presenter, Writer, Teacher, Cromania!

Crom is in constant motion between his teaching, presenting, performing, and everything in between. he currently holds a main creative writing. Crom has worked for theatre in almost every position possible backstage and on stage, in addition to lecturing on a wide variety of topics.

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