As 2020 comes upon us, you may be thinking of changes and adjustments to learning materials. This Spotlight is just what you need to take a fresh look at learning! Read through the offers below for engaging learning options and an interactive adventure to discover your children’s ideal learning environment. 
Singapore Math

A refreshed approach to Singapore Math from the people who know it best.
Written by a team of teachers and experts with more than 100 years of combined classroom experience, Dimensions Math ® PK-5 is an engaging curriculum for classrooms and homeschools that provides a deep elementary math foundation that serves students throughout their math careers.

The price of the series reflects our belief that an excellent math education should be accessible to all.

Why Choose Dimensions Math® PK–5?

  • A cohesive PK-5 series that preserves the rigor, content, and thoughtful sequencing that makes Singapore Math so special, while keeping in mind the needs of today's U.S. students and teachers.
  • Expanded teacher materials, including a resource website featuring videos, Blackline Masters, letters home, and more.
  • First-hand training and professional development available from the authors and reviewers of the series.

Curious? Learn more about Dimensions Math® PK–5, and request your free Dimensions Math sample book at

Want to chat with someone?
Our school sales team is available to answer your Singapore Math and Dimensions Math questions at 503-557-8100.

-The Singapore Math Inc. Team
Is science getting you down this school year?

Try exploring life science, earth science, and physical science with bite-sized science resources.

The Learning About Science series is a fun resource you can use with your elementary students. They provide lots of pictures, diagrams, and white space in short units, so they are not as intimidating as a science textbook. Five levels are currently available, covering everything from animal habitats and the water cycle to human anatomy and classification of plants and animals.

Do you need to reboot your history curriculum?
Try the critical thinking, essay writing units, timeline projects, and notebooking resources designed to challenge your students to do independent research. They allow students to sharpen their critical thinking skills and pursue topics that interest them while helping them discover history in a new way.

Or maybe you’d like to blend history, handwriting, and fun into your day. From American history to world history, downloadable history-themed coloring books are excellent ways to engage your younger children while you work on history together. Each book includes large pictures for them to color as well as copywork for them to trace. Choose from more than 100 titles, many available with either print or cursive handwriting practice options.

Save 20% and infuse your school year with new excitement and energy with history, science, language arts, and more from .

Use coupon code SOLUTIONS20 now through January 15.

Incredible Living
Is Changing Curriculum The Answer?

It may be . . . Before switching to a new curriculum, discover your children’s ideal learning environments by taking your family on the Incredible Creatures Interactive Adventure! Afterwards, each person completes a Discovery Report revealing their God-given strengths. You can then determine if your child needs more structure, more movement, is resistant to change, or actually thrives on it.

Learn each child’s basic needs so you can keep them motivated. You may be creating an atmosphere that works for you but doesn’t address the basic needs of your students.

Learn more about the adventure from The Old Schoolhouse Product Reviews. This adventure qualifies for American Heritage Girls badges - Together As A Family. Don’t spend more money on curriculum before experiencing the adventure!

At Incredible Creatures we can help point you to curriculum that works for your homeschool. Just contact us for a complimentary chat.

Common Sense Press

Since 1989, Common Sense Press has been providing meaningful, hands-on curricula for home and private schools. The materials we publish are complete, require a minimum of planning, and are very affordable. Three of our most popular series are Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Wordsmith, and Great Science Adventures.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature
LLATL is an integrated approach to teaching that allows you to cover spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing mechanics, reading comprehension, and creative writing all in the same lesson. Because time is not wasted doing busy work, most lessons can easily be completed in less than an hour, and much of the work can be self-directed. Best of all, your student will be reading and working with the world’s best literature. Grades 1st-12th.
Written by author Janie Cheaney, Wordsmith is an easy-to-use three-book writing series for grades 4th-12th. Written in a conversational style, each book is self-directed and will methodically develop your student’s thinking and writing skills. Wordsmith has consistently been one of Cathy Duffey’s top picks.
Great Science Adventures
Great Science Adventures is a multi-grade-level, hands-on curriculum that allows all of your students to work together. Each of the ten books includes 24 lessons with lab and review activities necessary to reinforce the content and all the graphics needed to complete the activities. Grades 1st-6th. 

Check out all these products as well as other enrichment materials at: .
Tyndale House Publishers
Manga Majesty: The Revelation of the End Times! is a biblically accurate retelling of the book of Revelation presented in authentic Japanese Manga style. This last book in the bestselling six-volume series delivers biblical truth using cutting-edge illustration and fast-paced storytelling. Ten million books in over 40 languages have been distributed worldwide in the series.

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