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Hello Ted,

INSPIRATION: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

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Watch the attached fresh Zoom recordings and be blessed and inspired

Last Saturday afternoon as I was preparing for the 5th weekly Black and White (B/W) Zoom meeting that I weekly facilitate-

I sensed I needed fresh Holy Spirit led Godly INSPIRATION to be an effective facilitator of the meeting



The movie Trouble With the Curve is one of my favorite shows that among many points in the movie shows a talented baseball hitter with a major weakness: He can’t hit a curve ball.


My recent minor curve balls: The 2 scheduled testimonies They both were unable to come to this week's Zoom meeting. One, a few days in advance, the other, 40 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. I had secured a substitute for one speaker but not the 2nd. However, to keep this minor trial in perspective:

I have had a sign in my office for more than 35 years that says:


The footnote says: ”No manure no milk, there is a price to accomplishment“

CURVE BALLS OF ALL TYPES AND DEGREES ARE ALWAYS A PART OF LIFE...and close by- So don’t be surprised when they come


I can assure you putting on this B/W gathering through Zoom has been a difficult challenge- but the positive results has been deeply meaningful and rewarding So, the solution to 2 speakers cancelling...

By God’s grace- we had 2 powerful unscheduled substitute testimonies as a result of the cancellations. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord!!

If We are the Light .jpg


Weekly we have 2 testimonies (one white, one black) that emphasize how they came to know Jesus as Savior and Lord

Also there is a review of what we have studied so far in the book IF WE ARE THE LIGHT, WHY IS AMERICA SO DARK? (much emphasis has been given to Chapter 2: How do you love someone by FFAAIITTH to be a more effective witness?)

At the end of each chapter there are questions for individual response and group discussion.

We end our time together with prayer for each other.


INSPIRATION through the ZOOM video weekly recordings

Remember my nick name is “low tech Ted”. Last Saturday I watched the Zoom recording of the previous week’s session featuring WENDY and ALEC’s testimonies (when technology works, it's wonderful!)

Plus this interaction:

Our book asks the strengths and weaknesses we all have in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

I prayed, watched and listened to the Zoom B/W meeting of the Body of Christ and was blessed greatly 

BACK TO THE B/W MEETING...and the challenge

SHEILA agreed to give her testimony- and it was powerful!


Much to my surprise, Bob and Sue joined us on Zoom from Tampa (a couple of weeks ago we featured his testimony). In summary, he was fired as Economic Director of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce. A few years later he was rehired as President/ CEO of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce! Please note his Pastor’s job advice in the attached Zoom video from last week.

Sue has a wonderful ministry in Foster Care. We were so pleased they could join us. I asked Bob if he would "pinch hit" for one of our speakers who could not make it and he give his testimony  following Sheila’s moving testimony.... related to her upbringing in New York and the challenges she faced in a large poor family (see Sheila's and Bob's testimonies in the attached most recent B/W Zoom video)


Two very different and very powerful testimonies!!

Isn’t that how God works?

He uses all of us- not just one color, gender or background.

Following the testimonies we quickly reviewed the FFAAIITTH Acrostic and finished our time together with a deeply meaningful discussion on Chapter 4. The topic: HOW DO YOU GENUINELY FORGIVE AND LOVE SOMEONE?

We finished our time together with all of us a considering the 4 questions at the end of the chapter 4

A "heavy duty" example:


-I gave my answer: "A person in our family; my Mom’s 3rd husband who greatly wronged our family “

-Sheila gave her answer: "MYSELF!"

-Sue had a special comment, "I would really like some do overs."

After some very meaningful group discussion...


My wrap up comment dealt with our forgiveness of sins. Sometimes we can’t forget and have victory over past sins. We need to remember our sins through faith in Christ were red as scarlet, now whiter than snow.

God said it- YOU ARE FORGIVEN through your faith in JESUS and His completed work on the cross so WHO AM I TO ARGUE WITH GOD?

That’s why Jesus came, lived, died and rose again so WE have victory over all our sins of thought, word, deed, omission and commission. To not forgive ourselves is to deny Jesus. Thanks be to God I/WE are forgiven!!!

The Bible says:

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭1:18‬ ‭

That includes forgiving ourselves!!!

Meditate day and night on that God inspired truth.


Happy Thanksgiving-


P.S. Please read the following " inspirational"

testimony from Alec, a member of the B/W group

Alec's Testimony:


"I have fallen in love with John 3:16, one of the most profound, life changing scriptures found in the Bible.  As a child, I recall learning that verse and was expected to memorize it.  Which I did.  But as I moved forward into adulthood, I allowed worldly distractions (better known as sin) to control my life to the point where I took my eyes off Jesus--only sought Him when I needed to.  John 3:16 became a promise from Jesus that I tucked way back in my mind, heart, and spirit, only to think of occasionally.  But now, (although far from perfect) knowing God loves me, that He gave His son to die for me, that if I believe in Him, I will enjoy eternal life (think about that!!), I’m drawn back to a spiritual reality such that I now spend more time in prayer, the Word, and seeking His plan for me as a witness. I attribute this spiritual re-awakening largely in part to the training experienced through Witness Breakthrough ministry.  I was brought up in a family environment where we attended church on a regular basis on Sunday.  However, I do not recall as a child neither my father nor mother ever speaking of Jesus, discussing salvation, baptism, and eternal life with me.  My parents later divorced during my late-teen years.  I can recall an instance in my senior year of high school (the year I was saved, baptized,, and began growing spiritually), leaving my seat in church during the standard alter call, walking down where my parents were sitting, tapping my father on the shoulder, and offering to walk with him to the alter to ask Jesus in his life.  I can recall vividly to this day my father saying, “Not now son.”  I was heartbroken, embarrassed, and emotionally hurt.  It was several years later that I found out he had surrendered his life to Jesus and was saved.  After high school (graduated 1962), I had no intention of attending college because of average grades and lack of funds.  I was working at a furniture store that summer, with no plans to do anything else.  Then in July 1962, two high school friends took me to visit a nearby community college baseball coach regarding a baseball scholarship.  I was offered a partial scholarship and lodging.  The rest is history.  I managed to go from community college to Florida State University, graduating in 1967 and commissioned through ROTC a 2Lt in the Air Force, served the military for 30 years, attaining senior officer rank, and retired in 1997.  I never planned any of this.  I share this to say that Jesus and the Holy Spirit had their hands on my life all this time, yet I truly didn’t realize it to the extent I should have.  I certainly did not deserve his grace and mercy considering how I lived a life of sin, disobedience, and selfishness.  The good news is:  God never left me; He knew my heart; always loved me.  That’s the wonder of salvation and forgiveness.  As well as the benefit of a God-fearing, God-loving, prayer warrior, Christian mother who loved and prayed for me relentlessly.  I believe in Christ and enjoy the beauty of what He means to me.  I am blessed.  I strive every day to please God.  I live daily to honor Him.  I intend to obey the Holy Spirit when nudged to share Jesus with others.  I enjoy letting others know Jesus loves them.  I look forward to planting seeds through love so that the Holy Spirit can “water” them and watch God’s Kingdom grow.  

I love John 3:16!"