Are you shifting production efforts
toward social distancing needs?
From proprietary saw blades and wall cutters to the new products we are now offering, such as floor markers and acrylic adhesive foam tapes — Fletcher Business Group is here to help. Whether you have high-volume production needs or smaller scale custom plastic fabrication requirements, our
solutions will ensure you are able to keep up with the changing times.

Atlas Engineered Plastic Saw Blades
  • Unique blade geometry for more efficient cutting and a clean-edge finish

  • Smooth, easy cuts on ultra-low melt plastics and reduced chipping on thin acrylic sheets

  • Ability to cut stacks of acrylic materials for increased hourly production output and yield rates

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Fletcher 3000 Wall Cutting Machine
  • Repetitive, clean-edge scoring for custom sizing and breaking

  • High-performance scoring tip for easy break-out

  • Score and break acrylic sheets up to ¼” thickness and up to 60” high

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Frameware Extreme High Bond Tape & Skin-friendly Tapes
  • Acrylic adhesive white foam tape to join plastics, metal, glass, etc. – 45.0 mils thickness (Ref. High Bond EHB Tape)

  • Skin-friendly foam tapes for plastic shield fabrication – ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1” widths (Ref. #FW1800)
Frameware High-visibility Tape for Striping, Warning & Area Marking
  • Heavy-duty premium grade plasticized PVC film coated with rubber resin adhesive (Ref. #FW48)

  • High resistance to acids, alkaline, bacteria, corrosion and oils

  • Built to last 5x longer than regular tape
Frameware Skin-friendly, Pressure-sensitive & Latex-free Tapes
  • 3 mil double-sided, transparent polyethylene film liner applied to skin or adheres to a wide range of substrates (Ref. #FW1522)

  • Pressure-sensitive tape, single-coated, skin-friendly, easy to apply, breathable and strong for wound care (Ref. #FW1538)

  • Latex-free (for sensitive patients), breathable, holds well on damp skin for secure placement (Ref. Micropore / Medipore Products)

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