Early Voting starts TODAY for Democratic Primary May 24th!  Call Gov Deal to Veto CAMPUS CARRY!
Vote Mary Margaret Oliver for House District 82! 
In this edition...
Join me to make HD 82 better... First, call/email Gov Deal to veto the campus carry bill, which he has til tomorrow to do.  Then, I need your support in my re-election to be your HD 82 representative on May 24.  There is no Republican challenger, so May 24 Democratic primary determines who will represent you in HD82. So please v ote early, attend an event or volunteer to get the word out. Find more information about these items as well as a post-session update below. 

See you in your neighborhood, at the polls, and as always, please don't hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns: 404-377-0485 or mmo@mmolaw.com. 
-Mary Margaret   
Call/email Gov Deal to VETO Campus Carry! 
Tomorrow, May 3 marks the deadline for Gov. Deal to veto a bill that would allow guns on college campuses.

Tell Gov. Deal to veto HB859  'Campus Carry' bill and protect the lives of university students, faculty and staff. Call 404-656-1776 or email.  

A Simple Message will do: 

Gov. Deal: We urge you to veto the 'Campus Carry' bill. Georgia university leaders, students, parents and police all agree that more guns on campus will endanger lives. This is bad policy and a bad bill. 

Early Voting starts May 2! 
Voters in House District 82 can vote for Mary Margaret Oliver starting today at 
DeKalb County Board of Elections Office at 4380 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA  30332 during the following times:

Monday, May 2 to  Friday, May 6: 7am to 7pm
Monday, May 14 to Friday, May 13: 7am to 7pm
Saturday, May 14: 9am to 4pm
Sunday, May 15: 9am to 4pm
Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 20: 7am to 7pm

Additional polling locations will be available to vote early May 16 through May 20. You can find your polling locations through the Secretary of State's  My Voter Page.

The Democratic Primary Election is Tuesday, May 24th! 
Let's keep Mary Margaret Oliver working for us! 
Please Vote! 

Post Session Updates & Comments
The most important news since the Session is Gov. Deal's veto of HB 757, the Religious Liberty Bill. Thank you Gov. Deal, but this fight is not over - other Religious Liberty bills will show up in the 2017 Legislative session. My work in opposition to RLFA is one reason I received Georgia Equality's endorsement.

If re-elected, this would be a top priority for me. I currently sit on House Committees that this issue - and others that HD 82 voters care about -  will pass throug h.  We cannot lose this fight, & we need experienced lawmakers who sit on influential Committees at the Capitol to defeat these blatant discrimination efforts.

I am also concerned whether the Governor has another big veto in him this year - specifically the Campus Carry bill that passed and is awaiting his signature. The vast majority of Georgians are against this bill and I hope that the Governor will do the right thing and veto it. Please call 404-656-1776 to ask the Governor to VETO this bill. 

I am proud that my colleague, Rep. Scott Holcomb persevered and, with overwhelming bipartisan support, got the Rape Kit Testing bill passed on the last day of the session and the Governor has now signed it into law. Good work, Scott!

Another Criminal Justice Reform Bill, SB 367, was signed by the Governor this week continuing five years of good work coming out of the original Criminal Justice Reform Commission, which I was appointed on. Georgia is being recognized as a national leader in criminal justice reform, something we can all be proud of

Several of us in the Legislature and many citiz ens 
w orked very hard to overcome troublesome opposition to SB 343, the Decatur Senior homestead exemption bill. I'm happy to report we were successful.  Democracy in action! 
Decatur Seniors storm the Capitol in support of SB 343 on March 10!

And I applaud Interim CEO Lee May for setting up a C
harter Review Commission for DeKalb County. This is a good start- especially appointing residents and not elected officials. I do have some questions: Will the new DeKalb CEO be supportive? And do they need a whole year to make thoughtful recommendations? This is a good first step. We need local input on this local issue and then send to the voters to decide. Good news for DeKalb County!
And not the most important piece of legislation, but one that is dear to me is Rep. Joe Wilkinson's bill naming the Adoptable Dog as the State Dog of Georgia. Many of you know that I rescued two Bassett Hounds to live in luxury in Druid Hills. Joe is a longtime friend who is not running for re-election and I will wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Join Us to re-elect MMO! 
The Democratic Primary election is Tuesday, May 24th. 

There is no Republican challenger, so whoever wins the Primary will be YOUR next House Representative.    

Low turn-out is expected so we need all the help we can get to keep MMO working for us.  

Click here  to sign up to volunteer, request a yard sign, host a neighborhood gathering or sign on as a public supporter!  


Mary Margaret Oliver Campaign 
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