Early Fall Newsletter 

After the intense heat, sunshine, and sweat of summer, is your body is begging for a boost? If you need to bring in the big guns, we've got four hot ones to recommend:

1.  Invest in your hair.  It's the crown you never take off!   If you want to  coax your beach waves to throw in the towel, you need to get the new Dyson hair dryer.  This Bugatti of hair dryers (by yes, that Dyson - the vacuum company), has a high power, V9 digital motor that is said to be six times faster and three times lighter than regular home dryers.  With four different heat settings, three air settings, a cold-shot option, and ionizer you can subdue strands in a snap.  
2. Nails are like jewels. Don't use them as tools. 
But, if you want the ultimate at-home nail grooming tools, you'll need the PediNova III, a high-performance mani-pedi machine.  Its variable speed settings (up to 20,000 rpm) and 12 distinct tip pieces allow you to professional trim and shape finger and toenails, and smooth rough skin, calluses and cracked heels with microsurgical precision. 
3. Love the skin you're in. But it might not be so easy if you're battling adult acne.  Now you can fight back with a blue-light therapy device like the FDA-approved TRIA or ZENO to kill acne-causing bacteria. Light devices can be used in those who can't tolerate antibiotics, or they can be added to a topical skincare regimen. 
  4. Get prettier with every sip!  Toxins and environmental forces take a daily toll on our skin, and what we put INTO our bodies matters even more than what we put ON it. BeautyScoop has teamed up with PALETA's farm-to-table juice delivery program to offer a BOOST to the Get Glowing! Beauty Detox. The carefully selected ingredients in PALETA's juices  together with BeautyScoop's patented and powerful formula (a combination of peptides, lipids, anti-oxidants, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals) work synergistically.  The result is nail, hair and skin-specific healing, hydration, strengthening and rejuvenation.  See visible results in just 3 weeks!    
With PALETA  + BeautyScoop
you can change the way you eat and drink,
to change the way you feel
and look!

Are you ready to KNOW better beauty?
Because we are here to help you Get Glowing!

The BeautyScoop Customer Service Team




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