"In a world where there is so much wealth, so many resources, it is unfathomable that there are so many poor children without an education." - Pope Francis


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Our ministry in Haiti has developed more facets than we ever imagined.  Digging a well, building a school, providing hot meals for its students, along with lanterns that are bringing electric light to homes. 
Recently, Pierre-Louis, our school's founder and director, called our attention to the unsafe and deplorable living conditions of thirty of St. Gabriel's families.  If we could find the funds, he would secure the materials and along with some of St. Gabriel's students and members of the Fontaine community, repair those homes. 
No one should have to live in homes depicted in the pictures Pierre-Louis sent.  The Knights of Columbus Council at St. Patrick's Church in Fayetteville, N.C. agreed and donated $300 towards a pilot home repair project.  
The family whose home was chosen for this initial project has two students at St. Gabriel's, both in the 11th grade. Here's how it went, according to Pierre-Louis. Members of the community donated the wood and seven St. Gabriel's students, the father of the family and his work partner, began the project, which took a total of seven days.  Twenty-five members of the community spent a day on the foundation and the walls. Three days were spent on the carpentry work, another three to attach the metal sheets to the roof and close to three weeks to gather all the materials needed. Total cost:  $267
If we are going to repair the 29 other homes, we will need your help.  Is there any individual, foundation, company, law firm, corporation that would be willing to offer a matching fund?  Three years ago a very generous gentleman from California offered to match our funds up to $5,000.  His generosity helped us raise $10,000 thus totaling his gift to $15,000.  Do you know someone who would partner with us this Lent? Would you?  
Or,   as a Lenten project, would  you ,  your family, book club, Bible study group, organization, class or just you and a couple of friends be interested in making a donation to our house renovation project?  Large or small Lenten donations accepted.

Fr. Dave Noone

Please  make checks   payable to Friends of Fontaine  and  mail   to Friends of Fontaine, % the project's chair: 

Friends of Fontaine  
c/o Kay A. Connolly 
11 Brickley Drive 
Albany, NY 12205