#167, September 19, 2018

Enjoy the trio playing "Fly Me to the Moon", 
recorded by a friend at a recent Easter Brunch.

Let's talk about the  music for your next CELEBRATION

Especially about PLANNING your wedding or party music.  

Want  to do it well?  Need help?  Let me give you a handy Tip.  

But First, Let Me Tell You a Little Story:

Sarah and Akin knew they might have a problem.

With their beautiful wedding just a month away, 
preparations were nearly complete.  

Lovely garden facility?  Check.

Fantastic Caterer?  Check.

Sensational Florist?  Check.

Amazing Photographer?  Check. 

They DREAMED of an upbeat mood to get 
into the swing of things.  Check.

My band will be entertaining their guests, 
and they've selected o ne of their favorite 
tunes for their first dance.  

Their dance lessons created a beautiful 
routine to "Fly Me to the Moon", and they  
practiced  to Frank Sinatra's 1964 recording 
with the  Count Basie band.  Check. 

Sounds perfect!   So what was the problem?

For months, we've been speaking about their 
wedding music.  Finally one day they told me 
their first dance had to be exactly 2½ minutes.


Their first dance routine was timed to Sinatra's 
2½ minute recording, so we needed to make our 
version  exactly 2½    minutes, too. 

No problem.  The solution was simple.

We were entertaining at a wedding show 
just a few weeks before their wedding.  

Sarah and Akin caught up with us there, 
asked us to play "Fly Me to the Moon" for 
exactly 2½ minutes, and recorded us 
on their iPhone.

Back home, they continued to rehearse
dancing to our recording instead of Sinatra's.
Finally, when we played at their reception, 
their first dance was a huge success!

This story reminds me that  every celebration 
begins  with a DREAM.  Imagine what you want, 
and gather the important DETAILS. 

So here's the Tip I promised:
First, DREAM about the Mood  you want to create.  
Then pursue the DETAILS. Make the DREAM come true!

So try this when you begin:

Imagine you're a guest.  What mood would you like?  
 -  Formal, elegant, and sophisticated?  
 -  Or casual and   mellow?  
 -  Or upbeat and rousing?  
 -  Or a soft background   for conversations?

Think of everyone's five senses.  What do you want 
your celebration to LOOK like?  And SOUND like?  
What TASTES and AROMAS will everyone enjoy?  

What will being there FEEL like?  
Warm?  Cool?  Hard?  Soft?  Rough?  Smooth?  

Keep all this in mind when you build the mood 
your  wedding and party music  will create.

And now that we're talking about 
planning wedding & party music...
End-of-summer parties and Halloween are coming, 
and you might be involved with planning an 
exciting celebration.

And if you or a friend are engaged to get 
married, you might also be involved with 
planning the wedding.

Perhaps both. 

So the next time you or a friend  are looking  for 
upbeat, elegant music,  played the way you want, 
think of us.

Where can you can preview us?  Here: (see details below)

Thur, Sept 27, 6:00-9:00pm
"Concierge Association Awards Gala"
Cinnabar Hills Golf Club,
23600 McKean Rd, San Jose

Caterer?  Wedding or Event Planner?  Bride?  Groom? 
Enjoy the festive mood we'll create.  You'll hear the 
popular standards, jazz classics, and Latin favorites. 
Please stop by and say Hi.

Let's chat soon.

Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"Elegant, Upbeat Music for Weddings and Parties"  

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