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Meditation, Pranayama and Asana

Practicing openness and kindness-

first for yourself then all others 

ahimsa: not acting in word, thought or deed  

with violence, anger or aggression.



I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I've been  listening and working with with Michael Stone and his Centre of Gravity sanga, community. His view on practice has  helped me extend my beliefs and practice deep in to my life.
My kids are coming and going keeping me busy.  All is good and everyone is happy. Wishing blessings and peace to all of you-

Yoga Nidra
July 24 3-5


Yoga Nidra is a very deep and relaxing practice. We hold on to many different types of tension in our body that we literally become physically bound, gasping for breath.   

During a Yoga Nidra we practice letting go of our body, breath and thoughts while consciou
sly staying awake so we can experience something besides stress. In Yoga Nidra we lightly touch the deep peace that resides within us.

As we become more proficient with the practice we use the quiet space that opens to us to expand our practice to generosity and graciousness. 

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Christine Nevel Kelley

Blue Pearl Yoga

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Shakti Studio Says


 This Yoga Nidra workshop will expand your understanding and practice of the art of yogic sleep, a deep and restorative meditation.  Great for anyone who loves or needs to relax.  Although called yogic sleep, you remain fully awake and aware throughout the practice.  Take the time for yourself and enjoy the profound healing effects of this workshop.  Beginners welcome.  Fee $25.00.   


Pre-registration required.


Summer Schedule

Monday: Big V 7:30 am

Tuesday: 6:00 Evolutions

Wednesday: 6:00 Shakti   

6:15 start 

Friday: Big V 10:30am  7/8, 7/22, 8/5

Saturday: 9:30 Evolutions

Sunday: Shakti 10:00 am outside practice if possible 

7/10 & 7/24  





Yoga Nidra 7/24  


Basic Arm Balances 8/14 


Capon Springs Retreat

Meditation Workshop


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