AlgaeGuard is the cost-effective solution for continuous chlorophyll measurement & quick, simple chlorophyll determination with algae class analysis!
bbe Moldaenke GmbH has developed and produced measuring instruments and software to assess and manage water quality for more than 20 years . Made for use in oceanography, limnology, drinking water monitoring, river dam monitoring, bathing water analysis, supervision of aqua culture systems and environmental assessment, these instruments have come to be relied upon as the industry standard. 
  • Continuous Chlorophyll Measurement
  • Distinction of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), diatoms and crytophytes in a flow-through chamber
  • Simple, quick and reliable
  • No need for continuous configuration
  • Maintenance as low as 1 hour/month

bbe Moldaenke's AlgaeGuard :

Continuous Real-Time Measurements
The AlgaeGuard continuously measures the chlorophyll fluorescence of microalgae in real-time and shows the current result on the integrated display.

In contrast to time-consuming sample preparations and counting, the fluorometric assay provides rapid
determination of the chlorophyll content in its natural environment. The AlgaeGuard is adapted to HPLC-pigment analysis.

Software Optimized for Class Customization
The bbe software for algae class determination identifies the distribution of algae classes relating to the total 'chlorophyll-a' content, i.e. of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), cryptophyceae and brown algae (diatoms, dinoflagellates). The system can be adapted to new (customized) algae classes added to the measuring system. The measurement of yellow substances (CDOM) accounts for an additional source of fluorescence, thus an automated correction improves chlorophyll determination especially at low concentrations. Normspectra with individual fingerprints for each class provide for an optimized evaluation of
the results.
AlgaeGuard Display Panel
  • quick, simple chlorophyll determination with algae class analysis
  • direct measurement w/out sample preparation
  • simple operation & virtually maintenance-free
  • different communication ports, also in an industrial setting:
  • up to 8 alarm outputs (potential-free contacts)
  • up to 16 analog outputs (4-20mA)
  • serial interface for data transfer
  • USB port for simple firmware updates
  • integrated cleaning unit in measuring chamber prevents biofouling
  • Integral touchscreen display
  • PC operation with bbe AOA software
Total chorophyll-a concentration and transmission

Concentrations of different classes
PC Software
External software can be used with the bbe AlgaeGuard to analyze the data and configure certain parameters. Measurements can be carried w/out an external PC.
Features for measurement mode:
  • save data and parameters at any time
  • graphic display of all measurement values
  • online display in LAN
  • calibration of the AlgaeGuard
  • parameterization of the measurement

Features for data evaluation:
  • evaluation of data as text and graphics
  • adaptation of new calibrations to datasets
  • data export to EXCEL and to text files
  • print function
The Ultimate Research Experience
We have always understood the importance of working closely with experienced end users as well as the next generation of scientists to continually refine the role of instrumentation as a seamless extension of the thought process of every student of science.

Our drive to constantly innovate provides you with the most advanced, rugged and easy-to-use instruments with unsurpassed accuracy available.
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