October is National 
Depression and Mental
Health Month
Time to Reboot
Clinical Leadership & Infection Control
Flu killed 80,000 people last season

About 70 percent of the estimated hospitalizations and 90 percent of deaths occurred in adults age 65 years and older, according to the CDC.
The agency estimates about 78 percent of healthcare workers were vaccinated during last year's flu season.

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24/7 – eLearn Care coordination
24/7 – eLearn Privacy & HIPAA
24/7 – eLearn Behavior Management

10/11 In-Home Support Services (IHSS)
10/16 New! QMP: All about Data
10/16 & 17 LIVE Basic 8-hour Admin Training
10/18 Non-medical Management Part 1
10/23 Emergency Preparedness
10/25 Non-medical Management
Part 1
10/29 Policy, Procedure & Personnel Part 1
10/31 Policy, Procedure & Personnel Part 2
11/1 Home-and Community-based Services (HCBS)
11/6 Complaint & Incident Processing Part 1
11/13 Complaint & Incident Processing Part 2

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  • Stigma is a virus that prevents people from seeking help. Be a part of the cure, get tested for stigma: CureStigma.org #CureStigma
  • Stigma may not directly affect you, but it prevents the 1 in 5 Americans with mental health conditions from seeking help. Get tested at CureStigma.org #CureStigma
  • Be an ally to people with mental health conditions. Get tested for stigma at CureStigma.org #CureStigma
  • Examine your own behavior before judging others. Get tested for stigma at CureStigma.org #CureStigma
  • There’s no easy cure for mental health conditions, but stigma can be cured. Find your cure at CureStigma.org #CureStigma
  • Mental health stigma may not directly affect you, but you could risk coming across as a jerk. Get tested for stigma: CureStigma.org #CureStigma

Home Health Quality Improvement - Depression Management
Clinicians require skill sets and strategies to assist patients to measure, manage, and monitor depressive symptoms. This BPIP is designed to provide evidence-based information, tools, and resources related to depression for community-based settings such as home health. Evidence-based information on anxiety and anxiety disorders is included because research demonstrates depression and anxiety often occur together.

10/11 National Depression Screening Day :
Take an anonymous screening at  http://helpyourselfhelpothers.org/

Stop a Suicide : Screening for Mental Health developed  StopaSuicide.org  as an educational suicide resource for those encountering suicidal thoughts and feelings, loved ones who may be witnessing these signs and symptoms (which can often go unrecognized), and professionals looking for clinical information on suicide and mental illness.

Know the Warning Signs : Trying to tell the difference between what expected behaviors are and what might be the signs of a mental illness isn't always easy. There's no easy test that can let someone know if there is mental illness or if actions and thoughts might be typical behaviors of a person or the result of a physical illness. Learn more>

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world... as in being able to re-make ourselves.

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