Sunday July 14 is France's National Day. To us English-speakers, Bastille Day. To them, La Fete National or La Quatorze Juillet. Sounds like a great reason to raise a glass of French wine and toast to the birth of the French Republic and all of the wonderful wine French wine we get to drink! Look for some of our favorite Frenchies on the back tasting table this weekend.
We are turning over the Tuesday Tasting Table
to some of our local brewers.
Tuesday July 9th: BauHaus Brew Labs
Tuesday July 16th: Lupulin Brewing
Tuesday July 23rd: Inbound Brewing Co.
Tuesday July 30th: Insight Brewing

Friday's Wine Tasting 4-8PM: Amanda Rodriguez from Rootstock Wine Company pouring all things French.

2018 Domaine de Pouy, Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne
2016 Maurice Schoech Cotes d'Ammerschwihr - Alsace
2017 Domaine Dugois, Terre de Marne, Chardonnay, Arbois - Jura
2018 Philippe Viallet, Savoie Rose
2016 Chateau de la Terriere, Beaujolais-Villages
2015 Domanie de Fenouillet, Ventoux Rouge

.... don't forget to ask for the Secret Sipper this week. Its a gem.

Saturday's Wine Tasting 3-7PM

We are still finalizing the line ups but we'll have some great wine to taste!
Please check our Facebook posts prior to the tastings. 

As always, all tasting table wines are 10% off!!
Staff Picks for Bastille Day
Patti's Pick

2017 François Cazin, Le Petit Chambourd, Cour-Cheverny - $19.99

Fresh with snappy acidity, this white will cut right through the summer heat & humidity (we're not complaining)! This wine is made from 100% Romorantin, an ancient local grape varietal know for its minerality and high acidity (which is tempered with the use of oak and lees contact). Try it in honor of Bastille Day - it's a grape varietal exclusive to France! It might just turn into your new go-to for summer.
Doug's Pick

2017 Martin Texier, La Boutanche Rouge - $23.99

About a week ago, I grabbed a bottle of this on my way home from work, stuck it in the freezer for about ten minutes, then glugged it down with my neighbor over a fierce bocce ball match. It was perfect, bright, savory, fruity, and took the chill well. It's a blend of Grenache and Syrah but that's not what's important, it's the shear deliciousness and unseriousness of the wine that makes it drink-worthy. Enjoy!
Madison's Pick

2016 Maxime Magnon 'Rozeta', Corbieres - $41.99

Magnon is a young guy in an old appellation loaded with history. Magnon presides over 9 parcels spread over 11 hectares is the southern Hauts Corbieres - a hilly, schistous, high elevation sub-appellation of the larger Corbieres, itself part of Languedoc-Roussillon.
The Rozeta comes from carignan vineyards, interspersed with old vine varietals like grenache gris, macabou, and terret. Its a true field blend, picked and fermented together. Certified organic, practicing biodynamic. The winemaking is all what the kids these days are calling 'natural' - spontaneous fermentation, no sulphur, low intervention. Most importantly, this wine is delicious. Put a slight chill on it and down it with a burger fresh off the grill.
Patrick's Pick

2018 Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme, Le Tel Quel, Loire Valley - $21.99

Having worked with legendary Natural Wine maker, Thierry Puzelat, at his family's famous Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme is now fully into producing his own Natural wines like Le Tel Quel, embracing ancient methods while shaping the future of wine making.
Organic, native yeasts, and no intervention is the mantra. Gamay grapes, with a touch of Pineau d'Aunis, and Grolleau Noir, are harvested from the Vallee du Cher and fermented in large open-top Foudre before being pressed off into neutral barrels for 6 months. The resulting wine is of medium body, a touch earthy, and full of bright berried fruit.
With a little chill on it this is a great wine to celebrate Bastille Day, with some French cheese, Charcuterie, and a French baguette! 
Vive la France!

2018 Big Table Laughing Pig Rose California
2006 Pierre Gaillard La Grande Recolte Champagne
2016 Chateau Le Puy 'Emilien' Francs Cotes de Bordeaux
2016 Domaine La Manarine Cotes-du-Rhone Rouge
2005 Defaix 'Les Lys' Chablis
2010 Chateau du Petit Thouars 'L'Amiral' Touraine
2010 Khareba Tsitska Quevri Georgia (Republic)
2018 M. Chapoutier 'Belleruche' Cotes du Rhone Rose
2018 Conundrum Rose
Birichino Malvasia Pet Nat - back in stock
Pamplemousse Grapefruit Rose (finally!!)

2017 Eric Bordelet 'Granit' Perry- cider from 60 ft tall, 300+ year old pear trees!!
Bordelet's apple and pear cider production comes from pre-French Revolution orchards, all heirloom varietals farmed biodynamically.

... and more!