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Joseph Adams Corp: Producer of Oleoresins and Distributor of Essential Oils

Oleoresins are the extractions of spices and herbs used to flavor and color food. Joseph Adams Corp has been in this business since 1948 and has been passed through four generations of family. They offer oleoresins for flavor, oleoresins for color, water dispersible oleoresins, essential oils, and custom mixes. Some examples of custom mixes are flavors like Cajun, Chili Taco, and Barbecue!

Registered with the FDA, ODA, USDA, and Kosher Certified by OK Labs, Joseph Adams Corporation has been a member of the Institute of Food Technologies for over 50 years. They are proud of their high audit scores and perfect food safety records due to operating with on-site PCQI, DOT Hazardous and HACCP trained staff members.

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Joseph Adams Corp Specialties
Special and Custom Mixes
Joseph Adams Corp is set up to help create custom flavors to meet your needs. They can also make most mixes water dispersible. Some of the custom mixes they have supplied are: Cajun, Barbecue, Nacho, Dill, Pizza, and many more!
Essential Oils
Joseph Adams also distributes essential oils! Here are some of the possible products available: basil, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, sage, time, and more!
Family Owned and Operated
Joseph Adams Corporation conducted it's first spice extraction in 1948, was incorporated in 1967 in Valley City, OH and has been operated by four generations of family since then.
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