NEW for Greater Houston
Our new program to assist with matching our members up with HVAC Graduates
HVAC Job Placement Program
Interested in finding your next Superstar?

Take a few minutes to fill out the application with your contact info, and Chris Walters, the Director, will reach out to you with the program details.
When they come out of Chris Walters Program they can:
Recovery of refrigerant
Superheat charging 
Subcool charging 
Pull a vacuum 
Use scales 
Diagnose replace dual cap
Find common start run
Wire compressor and fan wires on Single stage systems 
Use hub puller on condenser fan
Install 521 hard start
Performance test
Check gas pressure 
Follow furnace light sequence 
Replaced furnace cards
Replace thermostat 
Make a P trap
Use a ductulator for velocity to cfm
Use ductulators for flex compression 
Replace a contactors 
Actually listen to the customer!!

They will have a strong knowledge of:
Refrigeration cycle and refrigerants plus the oil concerns of refrigerants 
24 volt controls 
Proper airflow 
Need for cleaning prior to testing 
Use of a megger 
Use of leak detector 
Driers, receivers and accumulators 
Nitrogen purge
Expansion valve operation 
Reason for p trap
Air filter effects on airflow