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E-News for March 18 - April 1, 2021
Please note that this is a multi-week Newletter
- Sundays at Beacon -

"The Inner Lives of Men," Dr. Andy Hogg preaching, with Mark James Most men don't talk very much about their inner lives. Dr. Andy Hogg will share an archetype model for understanding how men experience themselves. The model helps men identify their strengths and cope with their challenges. The service will be presented with personal examples, poetry, and humorous insights, too. Music from Roomie Wood, Stephanie Galloway, and recorded selections. 

Tune into the Service via the  "Beacon UUC" Youtube Channel.

Come to the Post-Service Gatherings at 11!
Come to the Post-Service Gatherings on Zoom at 11 am to connect, share joys and sorrows, and reflect on the service. The Zoom link can be found in our e-news on the Beacon website. Sign up to receive the e-news directly!

~ Please join us after the service ~
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March 28, 2021
“Reading Camus in the Time of COVID,”
Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching, with worship Associate Pia Dreissen-Knittle. In his classic, The Plague, written in 1947, Albert Camus laments: “How hard it must be to live only with what one knows and what one remembers, cut off from what one hopes for.” As we mark one year since we entered the COVID experience, we’ll explore what our pandemic tales teach us, what we’ve learned from being unexpectedly “alone, together,” and what we might now hope for and how our priorities may shift, as we enter a new phase of healing and re-entry. Our service will include a sermon, poems and songs of love grief and comfort. Music from Roomie Wood, Stephanie Galloway, Gabriel Hernandez, and recorded selections.
April 4, 2021: Easter Sunday and Passover
 “Barefoot Believers: On Foot With Moses and Jesus” Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching, with Worship Associate Kim Angelo. Did you know that Orthodox Jews like Moses are instructed to never go without shoes because it might lead them astray? Jesus, on the other hand, walked his lonesome valley mostly barefoot and no one seemed all that bothered. As religious freethinkers, we UUs are not keen on the idea of limiting our options. Essentially, we like the freedom within form that defines our way of being religious; for instance, whether to wear shoes or not (literally and metaphorically). Even so, we need to get beyond being tenderfoots religiously through a process of “converting to our own paths” as UUs. With Passover and Easter co-mingled, we’ll look at the steps involved in this unorthodox “conversion,” and along the way, consider the power of truly feeling “holy ground” beneath our feet as “barefoot believers.” Music from Roomie Wood, Stephanie Galloway and virtual choirs. 
Please note: We recommend that you donate to Vanco directly from a bank account to save us the fees associated with credit card donations. More for us to sustain our congregation.
Share Your Joys and Sorrows- Chime In!

One way we can sustain connection during this time apart is by sharing our personal joys and sorrows. These can be small things or large things that effect your life. Please send these to Rev. Robin by Thursday night each week at minister@beaconuu.com Or,be in touch and we can record a short Zoom- recorded snippets to include in the service.
 Only first names will be used. Or, you can share your joys and sorrows live at our
Post-Service Zoom Gatherings, Sundays at 11.

Porch Visits with Rev. Robin
(Weather Permitting)
Who is that masked minister in her "Soul" mobile? It's Rev. Robin! - ready to
come by for a socially-distanced
visit on your porch, patio, or deck.
Trailhead meet-ups and easy hikes, we could even meet at a park, or walk in your neighborhood. You decide! Just give a shout-minister@beaconuu.com 
or 978-505-7245
Caring and Connected Team Calling!

We have created a "Caring and Connected" Team to keep us in touch during this time of virtual church and physical distancing. Members and friends of Beacon received another phone call and/or an email from one of our team leaders to connect in early December. As always, Rev. Robin is here to talk with you, come by for a masked porch visit, and help you with pastoral or practical needs. minister@beaconuu.com or call 978-505-7245.
Beloved Beacon Members and Friends,
The Stewardship Campaign is officially underway! Several weeks ago, we mailed a letter to all members and friends. It included a pledge form for our fiscal year (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022) and a stamped return envelope. Please fill it out and return it as soon as possible. If you are new to pledging, or want to discuss any aspect of financial stewardship, please contact any of us by phone or email.
Our operating expenses have continued even though we are not meeting in person at the church. While every effort is being made to save as much as possible, there are salary expenses including minister, music director, accompanist, and office manager. Utilities for the building continue, if at a somewhat lesser level. There are office expenses, as well as committee costs to continue our vibrant programs. As stated in last week’s newsletter, pledges constitute the vast majority of our revenue. Other sources are our annual auction and yard sale, building rental, and plate collection, all of which will be lower than budgeted this year. We are of course hoping that we will be back to some degree of normal early in the fiscal year. We hope you will keep our Beacon shining brightly with a generous pledge.
An important correction from the Stewardship Committee:
It has come to our attention that there are not one but two typos at the top of the pledge form that was sent out Monday and which you should receive shortly if you have not already. The stewardship drive, and the period for which pledges are to be made, is not from June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, but for the church fiscal year that runs from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. My sincere apologies. Bill Towler, Stewardship Co-Chair.

From your stewardship co-chairs Bill Towler (williamltowler@gmail.com, 928-814-2295); Kay Johnson (kayjandbillt@aol.com, 928-774-4313); Paul Beier (paul.beier@nau.edu, 928-699-3578; Maryann vanDrielen (mvandrielen@gmail.com, 606-5115)
Stewardship Committee:
All Virtual UUA General Assembly – June 23-27, 2021
2021 Theme is “Circle ‘Round for Justice, Healing and Courage”
Register Now and Consider being a Beacon Delegate! Funds available for registration costs. All the details can be found at https://www.uua.org/ga  You can learn about the programs for children, youth and adults, workshops, worship services, social justice initiatives, singing in the virtual choir!, and meaningful experience of representing your congregation on resolutions and other matters. We are certified for two delegates. Nancy Paxton will serve as one of them; if you are a member, please consider serving as the other delegate. Let Rev. Robin know. There are funds to cover the $200 registration cost and also for youth registrations. 
We Are Hiring! Part Time Office Manager 15 hours per week/ $17 per hour. Partially remote during COVID (and after, to be determined) See the full Indeed Job Posting and apply here: https://www.indeed.com/job/pt-office-manager-59bfcdeb123b037a
Small COVID-Safe Soiree Circles have formed. Signs Up still open.
Remember Circle Suppers - the popular program offered at Beacon where each circle was semi-randomly assembled, and the members took turns hosting the gatherings? 
We are now offering a new version that we call "Soiree Circles."
Paul Beier is the organizer. Gatherings are COVID-safe due to their small size and will be held outdoors. If you want to laugh together, share stories, deepen old friendships, 
make new friends who share your principles and experiences, this is a great way to do it! face-to-face and not on zoom.
To learn more about how the program is organized and how to host these gatherings and to sign up using the online form, click on the links below. So far, we have had 11 families sign up for the program. Members of all ages are welcome to participate. See Flyer here

Beacon Yard Sale
Beacon Yard Sale
If you have items to donate to the Beacon Yard Sale, contact yardsale@beaconuu.com. Mark your calendars for a masked, socially distanced, annual yard sale in the Beacon back yard on the first Saturday in June (6/5/2021). Some donated items may be sold online before June. You can shop the items online here.  

Dennis Spurlin
Religious Exploration

We encourage Beacon families to continue Religious Exploration at home!  

Our Imaginative and Inspiring Religious Exploration Programs 

We're excited to have formed a Religious Exploration collaboration with the Granite Peak UU Church in Prescott, AZ which is going wonderfully well. Read the update in this column. You can learn about both of the programs we're offering, CartUUns and The Fifth Dimension below, on our website, and on the program website  here.

Religious Exploration for Children
~Beacon at Home~

For our younger kids (K-5, and younger as appropriate), we have chosen CARTUUNS, which explores UU values and principles through Disney and Pixar short films, such as the award-winning "La Luna." We are screen sharing through ZOOM with families from both churches. 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM twice a month on Zoom.
Upcoming classes: 
March 28  “For the Birds”
April 11   “Lifted”

Religious Exploration for Middle/High School Youth

The Fifth Dimension 
For Middle School/Junior High(and older or slightly younger, as appropriate), we are collaborating on another Imagine-RE program called The Fifth Dimension. Through classic Twilight Zone episodes (created by Unitarian Rod Serling), we are exploring social and political issues relevant to youth. Students become deeply engaged in the topics and engrossed in the storytelling and "sci-fi" twists in episodes like "Eye of the Beholder" and "Enough Time At Last." We are screen sharing through ZOOM with families from both churches. The lessons are stand-alone and can be joined from week to week. Please take a look at the link and let us know if you'll give it a try.
Contact Dru Munroe at edrumonroe@gmail.com
5th Dimension 11:30 am-12:45pm
Upcoming classes: 
March 28, 2021 - "About A Girl"
Orville, Season 1, Episode 3
Theme:  The Orville crew is divided between cultures when Bortus and Klyden debate if their newly born offspring should receive a controversial surgery.

Meeting ID: 756 535 1859
Passcode: 510
April 11, 2021 - "Majority Rule"
Orville, Season 1, Episode 7
Theme:  The episode examines "mob mentality," the court of public opinion, and the role of social media.
Meeting ID: 756 535 1859
Passcode: 510

Recurring Link Here
Passcode: 510

"No preparation for the class is required! Youth can just join the meeting at the scheduled time and you are ready to go!" 

Religious Exploration for Adults
New Programs Coming Soon

“Daring Greatly” was a success and a meaningful experience for participants. Thanks to all who attended. Rev. Robin is working on choosing a new resource for a similar type of reading and reflection format to begin in March. Details and dates coming in March. 

UU Encounters with the Bible
Facililtated by Gary Ezzell, Eric Arellano, Jonathan Hohn at the UU Congregation of Phoenix.  Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:00 pm beginning March 24th. 5 sessions. (Subject to change depending on the needs of the registrants)
Our UU tradition claims the Bible as one of our sources of wisdom, but we seldom hear references to it during Sunday service. Is any of it still relevant to us? Technology has changed, but people have not. These sessions will explore some of the stories and writings that can be meaningful to those of us who have a wide variety of religious and philosophical perspectives.
The plan is to have five sessions of about one hour each. During the first, we will primarily introduce ourselves, our backgrounds, and our interests, all of which will influence the content of the next four sessions. Potential topics: Wisdom literature from the Old Testament, e.g. Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes; and Jesus’ teachings, e.g. Sermon on the Mount and the parables. We’ll be using “Understanding the Bible” by John Buehrens, a former UUA president, as a reference. If you have questions, contact gaezzell@gmail.com.
Thursdays - 7:00 pm with Katherine Kruse
Meeting ID: 997 2737 0395 | Passcode: 001050
New York Center For Nonviolence
The Online Compassion Course 2021
The Compassion Course is a comprehensive, online, one-year educational program that makes the skills of compassionate living available to anyone, regardless of economic and time constraints. Through our unique global format, participants can enjoy a meaningful sense of connection and expanded learning while preserving personal space and time.
Transform YoUUrself
March 26th, 2021
Youth and adult participants will be led to examine different types of leadership, what it takes to be an effective leader, conflict resolution skills, ways you can help foster youth leadership in our communities, and some self-evaluation and insight into the type of leader you’d like to be. We’ll also give you resources for local, regional, and national leadership opportunities including include a panel discussion & Q&A with current UU leaders and interest focused small groups. How to lead during these surreal times and how to spiritually nourish that leadership will also be explored.

Leads: Kellie Burden, MDD youth board & Jessica Laikeman, DRE & Camping Ministries Director.
~ Monthly Touchstone Theme: ~ Mercy

Touchstone Chalice
March Theme - Mercy
Chalice Circle Meeting
 Tuesday, March 30 at 7 Pm

Touchstones Chalice Circles are designed to meet our needs for belonging (intimacy) and meaning (ultimacy) by building friendships and providing opportunities to ponder life's questions, small and large, with others who share the common values of our UU Principles. All are welcome.

Discussion examines subjects as provided in the monthly journal of Unitarian Universalism, Touchstones. To meet the needs of the congregation, we have made attendance open.
~ Beacon Connections ~

Navajo Nation
continues to need our support

In the midst of snow and really cold temperatures, a heaping pickup truckload of food, cleaning, and health supplies arrived in Holbrook for our Navajo Nation neighbors at the beginning of February, thanks to the generosity and efforts of our UUCP congregation. Gratitude abounds in a situation of continuing COVID infections, lingering long-term effects, difficult infrastructure, long distances, scarcity of supplies, long lines. Many thanks to all those who were able to contribute cash, supplies, shopping to this effort. We look forward to hearing about a new effort they have begun in response to a need to improve nutrition: baking their own bread, for which we sent up ingredients. Don't we wish we could help test the results!
Many thanks for your assistance – spreading care and concern is a small way we can help provide an antidote to a spreading virus.
UUJAZ Upcoming Events
  • As UUs we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. Join UUJAZ to learn more about LGBTQ+ discrimination in employment, healthcare, youth sports, and adoptions and what will happen if Roe v. Wade falls, what anti-abortion laws are currently being proposed in the state legislature, and what laws already exist. Hear from our partners at Planned Parenthood Action AZ and Equality AZ about what you can do to defend LGBTQ+ and gender justice! Register here.
  • Book GroUUp 3rd Fridays, 12-1:30 pm What legacy will you leave your beloved: your children, grandchildren, congregation, community, and/or country about how you worked to dismantle systemic racism during your lifetime? What will you bequeath to your beloved? What is your hope for their future, for Beloved Community? Join Rev. Tina Squire and Steve Kraynak on the third Friday of each month for a justice-centered book discussion from the perspective of our Unitarian Universalist values. Here we will use reading, conversation, and writing to answer these questions. April 16, 2021: Discuss BREATHE – A Letter To My Sons by Imani Perry May 21, 2021: Read aloud our own letters we've written to our Beloved. Register here.
  • Beloved Conversations: Spring 2021 Register on Feb 1st, course begins March 15thThe first phase of Meadville Lombard's Beloved Conversations anti-racism curriculum, Within, will open for registration in February. Within focuses on the internal work that each of us needs to do as we engage racial justice. Within work will include individual Lessons, using videos, music, and readings, accompanied by reflection prompts and suggested conversations with Critical Friends chosen by the participants; bi-weekly small group conversations in a Learning Pod; and larger, monthly, facilitated Meaning-Making Sessions on Zoom. We hope you join us to embody racial justice as a spiritual practice, to heal the impact of racism on our lives, in order to get free together.
  • Race Matters in the Supreme Court Tuesday’s March 23rd from 4-5:30 pm As UUs, we recognize the existence of many realities and even more so, how those realities are interwoven. The connection between law and race is one of these ever-present truths. Join Political Science Professor and UU, Howard Tolley for three 90 minute sessions examining the impact of race, political ideology, legal principles, and personal preference on the selection of Justices and the decisions they reach. Register here.
  • Trans Inclusion in Congregations from Transforming Hearts Collective UUJAZ is thrilled to provide access to this online course on radical welcoming for all AZ UUs, thanks to a generous grant from the UU Funding panel. This course on transformational culture shift counts towards your annual Welcoming Congregation renewal. Contact us for your free login code (usually $125 per person) to explore this course at your own pace, or create a group at your congregation to take it together! If you’re interested in taking this course through UUJAZ, Janine Gelsinger is happy to schedule a time to facilitate. Contact her at uujaz.director@gmail.com.

A Special Message from Rev. Robin about BIPOC Allyship
Dear Beloved Community,

America is on fire with rage, weary from a pandemic, and aching with despair. Along with the rest of our country, we've read and heard so many devastating accounts over the past week, the most heart-rending from people of color coping with another case of murderous systemic racism in our country. I do not need to (nor, am I entitled to) add anything to their experiences or parse what they have to say about racism. They live it. 

...To read the full message on our website, please click here

Lifespan Religious Exploration Resources for Learning About and Responding to Racism

This painful moment in time calls us to focus our learning and reflection on allyship to people of color, understanding white privilege, and reflecting on how we can part of a systemic sea change and solution in our society. 

Beacon has provided resources for all ages addressing how we as individuals and as communities can learn about and respond to racism. For the full list of resources, activities and community meetings, visit Beacon's Religious Exploration pages.
Healing Racism and Murdoch Center Programs and Events
Healing Racism Arizona and the Murdoch Community Center in Flagstaff have several events in the next few weeks that might be of interest to the Beacon community. Healing Racism Arizona is accessible through Facebook. The live events for the Murdoch Community Center are also through Facebook
And can be watched afterwards on their YouTube channel Tune in here.
~ Wider Community ~
This Week at Beacon ~
Sunday, March 21, 2021
10 am - 11 am
The Inner Lives of Men
Post-Service Gathering
Sunday, March 21, 2020
11:00 am
Sunday ,March 28, 2021
March 28  “For the Birds”
April 11   “Lifted"
Fifth Dimension
Sunday, March 28, 2021
"About a Girl"
Orville Season 1, Episode 3
Passcode: 510

Everyday Ways to Support Beacon UU 
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4. Basha's has a special debit card that you can charge up before shopping, and a portion of what goes through the debit card gets donated to Beacon because that card is tied to Beacon. Ask Anne Wittke for further information.

Have other ideas for our income incubator? leave them on a card in the bin in the lobby, or send them to Rev. Robin. 
Beacon Office Hours & Contacts ~
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Rev. Robin Zucker

Mon: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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978-505-7245 - talk and text (confidential line) 
Get to know Rev. Robin at www.uurobinzucker.com
Director of RE 

Our engaging programs for all ages continue while we search for a new Religious Exploration Director.

Rev. Robin can answer your RE questions.
Office Manager,

Mon: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Unitarian Universalist Seven Principles ~

Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote seven Principles, which we hold as strong values and moral guides. We live out these Principles within a "living tradition" of wisdom and spirituality, drawn from sources as diverse as science, poetry, scripture, and personal experience. Learn more at beaconuu.com!
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