"...See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.” Col. 4:17 (ESV)
Rev. Billy Graham's Devotional
Victory - Preparing for Resurrection Sunday
"Easter is a season of great gladness for those
who know Christ. But for those who are
without “the light of the knowledge of God’s glory”
(2 Corinthians 4:6), there is nothing to rejoice over.
Jesus left us with the great hope and certainty
that He is going to return to bring a new Heaven
and a new earth where, we are told, there will
be no more sorrow, trouble, or death for those
who have believed and followed Him. There
will be trouble, sorrow, and suffering for those who
have neglected or rejected Him. As Christians,
our great task is to obey the command to tell the
whole world about Christ crucified, buried, yet
risen again. My prayer for you during this season
of the year, when we meditate on our Savior’s
great sacrifice for us on the cross, is that you will
be filled with great peace and hope, because
“He is risen!” That is the Good News.
As you follow Christ, are you obeying His command
to tell others that He is risen indeed?"
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Senior Pastor Challenges Women and Men
to Embolden Their Sisters in Ministry
I’ve devoured two books within the past month. I can’t wait to share with you how these books ignited in me a passion for God’s calling in my life for S.W.I.M. International to empower women for service. The first one is "Emboldened" by Tara Beth Leach. Taken from the author’s bio, Tara Beth Leach, senior pastor of her denomination’s flagship church, issues a stirring call for a new generation of women in ministry to teach, to preach, to shepherd, and to lead in her book, Emboldened. She shows that God not only permits women to minister—he emboldens, empowers, and unleashes women to lead out of the fullness of who they are.

What impressed me about the book is how women in ministry continue to fight for their place to serve in the church. They struggle to find a platform, which allows them to fulfill their call into ministry. Tara Beth Leach appealed to the longings of so many by affirming,

“Far too many women have been left without wings to soar, pulpits to preach, and churches to serve. It is my prayer that women will read this book and be inspired to use their gifts for the edification of the kingdom and the glory of God, and men will walk away with practical steps on how to embolden women in their midst.”

Emboldened relates to all women in ministry called by God to serve the Body of Christ according to his revealed will. As former President Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg stated, “Serving in a church, parachurch or individual ministry can often be a challenging and isolating experience.” Tara Beth Leach reveals her personal struggles, wounds, and challenging circumstances while establishing her place in ministry. But most of all she wants to inspire women not to give up. Her desire as defined in this quote is to inspire women to use their gifts,

“And I can see the faces of every little girl, every young seminarian, and every young and aspiring minister. I want to write them a love letter and show them the kingdom vision for women in the body of Christ. I want to offer them words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement so that when they reach bumps in the road, they would know Whose they are and by Whom they’ve been called.” 

I recommend Emboldened to encourage and maximize women’s gifts in ministry and leadership. I encourage you to focus on this year’s theme verse James 3:17 - Wisdom from Above: Revelation - Direction – Leadership which promotes our continued pursuit of Jesus. The second book I read was “Lime Green” by Dr. Jackie Roese. I will tell you more about that powerful book for women in ministry next time.

Sending you agape love in Christ Jesus,
Susan Abrams, President

For more information on Tara Beth Leach or to purchase her book go to  https://www.ivpress.com/emboldened  or Amazon and other retailers.

Our Next SWIM Nation Call is May 17, 2018

Featured speaker is Rev. Tina Hamous.

Rev. Tina Hamous pastors The Artists Outlet (TAO) which is a worshiping community for artists and creatives. TAO gathers weekly to intersect faith and art, through worship, artistic expression, and engagement with popular culture. The Artists Outlet is a resource for churches. TAO offers artistic collaborations for churches seeking to utilize artistic elements in their worship services. The Artists Outlet gives back to the community. TAO works with local communities, providing mentorship, lessons, conferences and training seminars.
The purpose of SWIM Connect is to support women in their ministries and to get to know each other. This is important so that we can partner with you through prayer and networking. Also, SWIM Nation Call recordings will be posted in SWIM Connect. So if you miss being on the call you can watch the recording at your convenience.

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