YAG is Moving Forward!

at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod
307 Old Main Street
So. Yarmouth, MA 2664
(508) 394-7100

A number of YAG members will attend our meetings in person...
(limited to 25 pre-registered).
Other YAG members will attend via ZOOM.
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 10 am
Our DEMO ARTIST is Neil Collins.

We will gather in the large Great Room with planned social distancing in place.
Kindly be sure you wear your mask.
We will accept 25 pre-registered YAG members in advance.

Please email Gerry Murray at

Other YAG members will join us via ZOOM.
THE CULTURAL CENTER has provided us with
a Link to join this meeting.

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We are working earnestly to keep operating expenses to a minimum! 
However, we  NEED your dues!! [Sept. 2020-2021]
Kindly  print and cut this form. Complete and mail along with your check and any change of  email, snail address or phone number.
YAG, P.O. Box 235, So. Yarmouth, MA 02664 
Gerry Murray, Treasurer

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Lee Nemrs - Part !!
Lee Nemmers - Part !!
Our YAG friend is doing well!
"I have completed half the radiation, just three weeks left to go. I am a bit more tired, but keeping it simple. 
I'm walking everyday, doing home related things, reading, meditation."

Your YAG family is
most proud of you Lee!
There's so much more to Lee's story . . .

"I forgot to mention my husband and I write Scratch and Sketch books for Peter Pauper Press for children. Some Tom has written alone, some I have, and some we do together. I do not illustrate them however, they have an in-house artist.

I enjoy poetry, and fine contemporary literature. Also swimming, biking, skiing, walking,

Among the many joys of life. My children and grandchildren are my greatest joy, as well as my soulmate."

And now, view more lovely and very unusual art from Lee ...

"I used to make mermaid sleep bags (Mertales) and accessories back in 2001-2008. I sold them in a artisan coop in PTown in Whalers Wharf from 2003-2009." 

Back in the ’80’s, I did a series of “Blues Sisters” paintings, based on the Blues Brothers.

This is a vivid painting called “The Blues Sisters: Check, Cash and Credit,”

Thanks Lee!
Feel good and be safe!
The cost is ONLY $35 per
year for paid YAG members.

That includes set up of your personal page (as many as 25 paintings), plus yearly maintenance! Imagine that!

Be Safe!

Joan Johnson

August 18, 2020

YAG "On-Line" Sales Feature
Latest News:

We had our ZOOM meeting with web designer and YAG Board of Directors.

Contracts soon to be signed.
If you wish to join, email me asap, please!

Be sure to mail in your dues!

Many YAG Members are already signed up.