June 2016 Newsletter

Texas Campaign receives $1.6 million from three grantors to support Youth Friendly Initiative

The Texas Campaign is pleased to announce that it was recently awarded grants totaling $1.6 million to support their Texas Youth Friendly Initiative. The funding, which spans three years, is being provided by Episcopal Health Foundation, the Houston Endowment and St. David's Foundation. The aim of the proposed project is to increase the number of youth accessing reproductive health services by improving selected family planning clinics "youth-friendliness" through systems improvements. The project team will increase health centers' capacity through an innovative learning collaborative, and will combine staff and web management systems to develop self-replicating, sustainable, and far reaching programs in up to 18 communities in Texas across three years.

Texas in the news...

The Atlantic magazine recently covered efforts in Amarillo to provide long-acting reversible contraception to teens and the challenges they face in getting information to the area's adolescent population. The piece, titled: Can the IUD Revolution come to the Bible Belt? featured Haven Health, a clinic in Amarillo, that launched a program to provide free IUDs to area teens. Modeled after a program in St. Louis, Haven Health's CEO secured funding from local foundations to fund the program. 

Good things from across Texas: Project WORTH

Since 2000, Project WORTH (Working On Real Teen Health), a program launched by the City of San Antonio, has worked to inspire youth and empower parents to prevent teen pregnancy. Through their focus on using evidence-based programs, promoting healthy behaviors, and cultivating community relationships, the organization has been able to impact teen pregnancy in San Antonio.  Project WORTH has worked with the San Antonio, Edgewood, and Northeast independent school districts to approve evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs.  San Antonio ISD was the first school district in San Antonio to approve an evidence-based prevention program in 2008.  Project WORTH leads the San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative and through collective efforts, San Antonio has seen a 22% decline in the teen birth rate since 2010.

Why birth control should be a men's issue

My mother graduated from high school in 1969, and on January 3, 1971, she gave birth to me. She was married later that year, but by the time I was 10, she was a divorced single mother of two young boys. To make ends meet, we moved in with my grandparents, who were also housing two of my mother's siblings and their kids. My family and I moved at least six times before I graduated high school. I was fortunate to have a large family network that combined their resources to help me accomplish my goals-but not everyone may be as lucky.

New HHSC website targets foster care youth

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Ombudsman Office has created a new position to help foster care youth and their advocates. They have launched a new website with a specific phone number for foster care youth (up to age 18) and their advocates to call for help with any state HHSC program or service. Specifically, they are charged with making sure youth understand their rights while in foster care; reviewing a youth's concerns about case specific questions and complaints; and with a youth's permission, working with other people to improve their care. The Texas Campaign has a strong interest in foster care youth, who are nearly twice as likely to become teen parents compared to teens who are not in the foster care system. 

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