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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 6, Issue 3 (June 16/16)
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Need up to date labour market information?

business_partnership.jpg Hamilton's Labour Force Snapshot for May 2016 indicates that the unemployment rate for Hamilton in May 2016 was 5.8% and was 5.0% in May 2015. Also of interest: there were 2,200 less people employed in May 2016, than in May 2015.

While Hamilton's unemployment rate is rising, it is still lower than that of Ontario and Canada. 

Please view the complete report for timely information on Hamilton's labour market characteristics, occupations by the numbers and the unemployment rate in review.

Access the report here.
Understanding Youth Underemployment

group of youth The job market is a lot more complex than simply having or not having a job. Unlike unemployment, which we hear about constantly, underemployment is seldom discussed.
Yet it has a significant impact on workers, who cannot capitalize on their many skills.

In 2013, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched its action plan for youth, to fight underemployment  and strengthen their long-term employment prospects.

That same year, in its opinion on the transitions between school and the workplace, CCJ proposed that an in-depth analysis be conducted to better  understand the reasons for underemployment, with an emphasis on youth.

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The Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC) is offering free Walk This Way Kits. The kits promote walking as the most sustainable physical activity and includes:
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