September Releases!

Stephen M. Hood
6 x 9 hardcover
 85 images
264 pages

Bradley M. Gottfried 
7 x 10 hardcover
82 maps 
240 pages

David A. Powell and  
Eric J. Wittenberg
6 x 9 hardcover
16 maps * 50 images
408 pages


Neil P. Chatelain 
6 x 9 hardcover  
20 maps * 75 images
384 pages

Michael C. Harris
6 x 9 Hardcover
27 maps * 46 images
528 pages

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Libri Novi - September 2020
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In This Issue

Recall that last month I confessed I am now middle age (6), and it was my birthday and I could cry if I want to? Well, you should read the profiles of available mates on MatchDog. It is enough to make a gal cry. It is tough being single and middle age. Trust me.
First, the male dogs lie about everything.
Everything. Bruno from Folsom emailed that he loves long walks in the rain, snuggles, and he irons his collar every morning. Yeah, and I love cats. Speaking of felines....

Benson from El Dorado Hills tried to tell me he is a 5-year-old lab mix and weighs 50 lbs. Hello!? You are a black cat, you live next door, and I see you every day! (And one of these days, Benson, when you stretch out on the porch and fall asleep . . .) Sigh.

I think it may be my profile photos attracted weirdos, so I had a few more taken. Tell me what you think!
This is my pensive, thoughtful mood when I snuggle in my hoodie.

This is me after a day on the ski lift at Lake Tahoe.
Pop taught me how to blow bubbles, so yes, I have talent!
Me after a marathon with my magnificent ham-pink tongue.
A selfie. I can never smile right in a selfie. I tried blue contacts. Does it clash with my brindle coat? I think I look
like a dork. 

Maybe I am meant to be alone. I guess I will give it one more Dog Obedience School try (see how I did that?) and see if I can find true love. Or at least a free giant milk bone. 


The shipper told Ms. Sarah, who told Pop, that the ship is in Los Angeles and we will have The Bachelder Papers in the office on or about September 15! That assumes no Somali Pirates are operating out of California inlets or the ship does not sink in sight of land. (Pop made that joke in the office and Sarah C. threw something at him and ordered him back into his office. She does that a lot.) 

Read below so you can keep up to speed....


Bachelder Papers
The Maps of the Cavalry of the Gettysburg Campaign
Tullahoma Campaign
Patriots Twice
Defending the Arteries of Rebellion

Plus two reprints: The Maps of Chickamauga
and The Maps of Antietam

Lord what a bounty. 

AND . . . The facsimile reprint of Ed Bearss' The Vicksburg Campaign trilogy is a GO! More on that in the next newsletter (and see below). 

Ooh. I heard the little bell on my phone go off. While you were reading, I posted my photos and got four profile views and an email! I am excited, and . . . never mind. It's Benson pretending he is a husky. 

As always, thank you for your support and for supporting us directly through our website. It makes a big difference and helps keep the doors open and the books flowing.

Miss Kenya

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Hello everyone,

Miss Kenya here. Thank you for your pre-order of The Bachelder Papers. We are as excited as you are to receive them!

We have been notified the ship has "arrived" and books will be in our office September 15. (It is peak shipping season on the high seas and the virus really threw a wrench in everything!)


This is open to everyone!

If you would like to mail us a check (your advance purchase price, plus $15.00 shipping), EMAIL US BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 and promptly mail your check (scroll down for address). We will credit your online Savas Beatie account $5.00. You can use the credit on anything you wish through our website!



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We will begin charging credit cards on Monday, September 14.

Orders will be packed and shipped in the order in which they were received and we will work as expeditiously as possible. We promise not to let Ted anywhere near the process. Or Mark Wade.
Thanks in advance for your patience.


Because so many of you have asked, we are looking into reprinting the oversize full color Bachelder Maps (on lovely stock, shipped flat in a box) that are keyed to the books. They will first be offered to those who have purchased this set of books. So . . . we will keep you in the loop.

Thank you for your continued support of all of our books. We are grateful to have you as customers and friends.

~ The Awesome Miss Kenya, Sarah, the other Sarah, Lisa, Lois, and Donna

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 Available This Week!
Two upcoming releases. Order now to ensure you get a first edition.

(1) Patriots Twice: Former Confederates and the Building of America after the Civil War by Stephen M. Hood
Call the office at 916-941-6896, visit our website, or email us to order your copies. 
Today's United States benefited greatly from the post-Civil War reconciliation that accepted the contributions of former Confederates. The men who fought the South forgave them and moved on together. It is an important lesson everyone today should learn.
Powell and Wittenberg mined hundreds of archival and firsthand accounts to craft a splendid study of this overlooked campaign that set the stage for the Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga, the removal of Rosecrans and Bragg from the chessboard of war, the elevation of U.S. Grant to command all Union armies, and the early stages of William T. Sherman's Atlanta Campaign.

Available mid-September!
Available mid-September!
Photo Contest
How creative a photographer are you? Selfie extraordinaire or landscape enthusiast? Well, we want to know!

For this month's contest, submit a photo of an SB book in a creative way, and be entered to win an audio book of The Real Horse Soldiers. We will also feature some entries in upcoming newsletters.

Email us your best pics! Two winners selected at random. Contest ends September 25.

Look in a Library - Michael C. Harris!
We had an overwhelming response to last month's peek into an author's library! This month, we look into Michael C. Harris' - author of Brandywine and the upcoming Germantown. These are just a few of the pictures he shared, along with an enjoyable Q and A . Enjoy!

1. How old were you when you got the Civil War "bug" and when did you begin collecting Civil War books?

I had just graduated high school and a good friend of mine gave me a copy of Stephen Sears book on Chancellorsville as a graduation gift.  That's when it all began.
2. When did your focus shift to collecting 18th century/American Revolution books?

I was hired to work at Daniel Boone's birthplace in 2002 and started gathering works on the 18th century then, but transferred to the Brandywine Battlefield in 2005 and that's when my gathering of American Revolution books really took off.
3. How many books do you have, and how do you organize your library?

Well, I have no idea what the exact number is but if I tried to estimate it for you, it's about 2,000 volumes.  The vast majority of them are arranged chronologically.  So I have a large section of Civil War books and another large section of 18th century books.  But there are also sections of WWI, WWII, the Gilded Age, etc.
4. I have the most books on the Civil War and the count is up to around 550.

5. If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?

This is really hard for me to answer as I have several rare/1st editions or other books that have special meaning to me.  Sears's Chancellorsville book obviously holds a special place as does my set of 1st edition Grant's memoirs.  I also have a full set of the rare bicentennial era Philip Freneau Press books on American Revolution topics.  But if I had to pick one it would be Bob Greene's book Duty.  The book deals with Greene learning about his dying father's WWII service and that a man he did not really know till his father was dying by the name of Paul Tibbetts lived in the neighborhood.  Greene talks about the sacrifices of his father's generation and about Tibbetts role in ending the war.  But what makes the book special is I managed to get the book signed by both Paul Tibbetts and Dutch Van Kirk (who was the navigator on the Enola Gay).
6. I collect Revolutionary War books because. . .

It helps with my research on the 1777 Philadelphia Campaign.  It's always easier to grab a book off the shelf when researching/writing than to head out to a library or hope the book is old enough to be digitized online. 

Reviews in Brief
We are always pleased to read a book review of one of our titles. Sometimes we include a pull quote from reviews on our Facebook page, but we realized some of you might want to know a little more about our titles than just a quick sentence recap so we're introducing this new column. In it, we'll feature text from recent book reviews, sometimes a quick sentence or two, other times a little more to whet your appetite for reading the book.
We encourage you to click on the link provided to read each review in full. We enjoy partnering with our book reviewers . . . and now bringing you their thoughts all in one easy-to-access place!

"Articulating the topic's legal twists and turns in a manner easily understood by a general audience, they expertly present the most compelling arguments of both sides without ideological bent. Seceding from Secession serves a useful purpose as a comprehensive repository of relevant public and private documents related to the topic, but its greatest value lies in its lucid summaries of the social, political, economic, and legal contexts surrounding the formation and early history of West Virginia. The new standard treatment of the subject, this volume is a highly recommended resource for general and specialist readers alike."
                                                                - CW Books & Authors

Click here to read the full review.

"Steve Norder has given us a fascinating look at Lincoln...Lincoln Takes Command is a superb addition in understanding the dramatic shifting of the war's shape and scale in the year after the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter. As Norder explains, that year so tested Lincoln that his answer was: take command."
- Naval Historical Foundation   
 Click here to read the full review.

The Vicksburg Campaign

A bit of advanced news. Ed Bearss (who at 97 has moved to his daughter's home in Mississippi) and Savas Beatie have reached an agreement and Savas Beatie, it is now signed, and we will be reprinting his magnum opus, "The Vicksburg Campaign" (3 vols) in a facsimile reprint, complete with a new Foreword by former Vicksburg chief historian and award-winning author Terry Winschel, to be available in March 2021.

The project is IN PRODUCTION. A final price has not yet been set.

Ed is signing bookplates (Terry W. will sign those also) for the first 100 signed and numbered copies. The publisher (Theodore Savas) will sign the actual book on the bottom of the title page near the SB logo.

This will also be a very small run (500 or smaller). Dark red quality cloth, foil stamping, sewn bindings, head and foot bands, high quality paper. 2,250 pages.

Mr. Savas read the set in the early 90s and, as he describes it, "My eyes were opened to the breadth and depth of this campaign. No one else was writing much about it. It was staggeringly huge. Having a role getting it back in print is exciting. Ed is excited too and our goal is to move quickly so we can get him a set while he is still with us."

So...there is your early heads-up. Thank you as always for your support.

CONTRACT SIGNED / Feel free to share!
1. Open an account with Savas Beatie.
2. Add the set to your wish list by clicking the black and white "wish list" button (there is no charge yet). More info here.
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Defending the Arteries of Rebellion
by Neil P. Chatelain
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Now Under Contract...
  • Unceasing Fury: Texans at the Battle of Chickamauga, September 18-20, 1863 by Scott Mingus and Joe Owen
  • Their Maryland: The Army of Northern Virginia From the Potomac Crossing to Sharpsburg in September 1862 by Alex Rossino
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