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Free Skin Cancer Screening


New NeedyMeds Database: Radiology Imaging Centers

NeedyMeds Receives $62,000 Community Grant


Consumer Reports Tip


Generic Assistance Program Needs 

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Breathe Hope 4 Maira


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Dear PAN Reader,

August is here and summer is winding down. If you plan to make the most of the remaining days of sunshine and good beach weather, we hope you will protect yourself from the sun. In this issue of PAN, we provide information on free skin cancer screenings in your state. We are also excited to introduce you to our new database of imaging centers all over the country.
Have you ever wished your organization could partner with NeedyMeds in your community? Well, we share that aspiration and would like to talk. Perhaps there's a funding opportunity to help make it happen. 
NeedyMeds is proud to have a partnership with Consumer Reports, and we are delighted to showcase their new column in PAN. Each issue will feature a brief tip for consumers with links to learn more. 

The Generic Assistance Fund, which is funded jointly by NeedyMeds and RxOutreach, has run out of funds due to high demand. Will you consider making a donation? 

Lastly, we highlight the  Breathe Hope 4 Maira HealFundr campaign in the hope of helping a little girl with cystic fibrosis.
Thanks for reading and keeping in touch. We wish you good health and happy days!

Best wishes, 

The NeedyMeds Team

Free Skin Cancer Screening      

According to the  American Cancer Society , about 73,000 cases of melanoma are expected to be diagnosed in 2015. The NeedyMeds Diagnosis-Based Assistance Section of the website provides resources for  skin cancer . For example, you will find that the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) offers a free  skin cancer screening program

We encourage you to get screened, and as always, protect your skin from burning. It's hot out there, and while we all enjoy luxuriating in the sunshine after a long, cold, snowy winter, the  AAD advises  us to wear sunscreen with SPF 30, a hat, and sunglasses; avoid sun exposure when the sun's rays are strongest between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.; and if you want to be a bronzed beauty, use a self-tanning product. 
New NeedyMeds Database: Radiology Imaging Centers
by Maxwell Green, Project Coordinator & Carla Dellaporta, Research Assistant

NeedyMeds is proud to announce our latest resource - the Radiology Imaging Centers  database - a comprehensive, reliable and free way to locate imaging facilities. You cannot only compare, but also you can find centers that meet the criteria important to you. 
NeedyMeds Receives $62,000 Community Grant
(And We Want to Come to Your Community Next)

NeedyMeds is thrilled to announce that we were awarded a $62,000 grant from Gelmulith Chessed of Greater New York. The grant will fund a part-time local representative based in the Bronx, who will help people in his community apply to prescription assistance resources; deliver brochures and drug discount cards to local clinics, hospitals, and social service organizations; and hold free trainings to professionals and lay people. This, we hope, will increase access to care for people living in the Bronx.
We are most excited about this endeavor because it is a model 
we hope to replicate in other communities. If your organization 
or healthcare facility is interested in partnering with NeedyMeds 
in this capacity, we would like to discuss a joint grant application 
to a local foundation in your community. Please email
Consumer Reports Tip
by Ginger Skinner,  Associate Editor
Consumer Reports  Best Buy Drugs
Misuse of antibiotics leads to resistant bacteria, or superbugs, which sicken at least 2.25 million people each year-and kill 37,000. One way you can lower your risk of resistant infections is by not insisting on antibiotics from your doctor for viral infections, such as colds and the flu. Read more about how you can stay safe from superbugs.

Generic Assistance Program Needs Your Help       
NeedyMeds has partnered with Rx Outreach to fund a Generic Assistance Program(GAP). This program provides free generic medication to people that qualify. Unfortunately, the tremendous need for this vital help has depleted the fund, and we have had to temporarily close it. Will you please help us re-open GAP by making a   tax-deductible donation today? When you donate to GAP, 100% of your gift goes into the fund and directly helps a person, who is struggling to pay for their medications. You can make a difference in someone's life.  Thank you for your support.
Breathe Hope 4 Mara
by Evan O'Connor
Last year, NeedyMeds launched a unique crowdfunding platform: HEALfundr. Designed to help people raise funds for their own medical expenses, HEALfundr verifies campaigns to protect donors and pays bills directly to help the patients already living with difficulties Breathe Hope 4 Maira is a campaign to help a young girl with Cystic Fibrosis. Diagnosed at 4 months and only 7 years old, her chronic illness has damaged her lung to the point of needing a lung transplant to prolong her life. Her family is living in Pakistan and trying to raise money to afford the procedure performed in the United States.

Please consider donating to this or other HEALfundr campaigns. Again: all campaigns are 100% verified and donations are paid directly to medical service providers. E-mail  Project Manager Evan O'Connor with any questions about donating or launching your own campaign.