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Why owners can’t sell their SMBs
  • Lousy business.
  • Lousy preparation to sell.
  • Lousy marketing of offerings.
  • Poorly prepared searchers/buyers who spoil their opportunity.
That’s it, folks!
And that’s why I’m hosting a complimentary webinar:
“What Business Owners Need to Know (But Don’t Know)
BEFORE Offering Their Company for Sale (and BEFORE Listing with Brokers)
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Business sellers are not “sellers” until they achieve a done deal.
Until then they’re merely offerors.
Labeling them “offerors” can keep our eyes and minds on reality.
But “offering” is not enough.
Doing what it takes to make the sale is what it takes for done deals.
And that won’t happen unless offerors know what buyers (with money) do and expect from offerors.
  • BTW: I’m not a business broker. Never have been. Never will be. I’m on the other side of the dealmaking table.

Is the business the problem?
Think about this common situation— offerors and searchers while thinking about aborting what could be a worthwhile done deal:
The offeror and the searcher have a problem. It’s the business.
The offeror wants to sell it. The searcher wants to buy it.
But certain aspects of the company are making it difficult for the owner wanting to sell and the searcher wanting to buy.
That's why I advise my clients to ask this simple question (and then do what it takes for a done deal):

  • “So, what can we do so we each get what we want?”

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Why do owners (and brokers) listen to me, a Business Buyer Advocate?
Because if you don’t know how buyers will perceive you and your company and what they intend to do to you during due diligence and dealmaking, you are in for a big surprise.

Savvy buyers avoid buyer competition!

Coming Up – Presentations by Subject Matter Experts

  • Q&A pertaining to search, screening of opportunities and initial due diligence.
  • Beware reps and warranties.
  • Fine art of recasting financials.
  • Street-smart valuation techniques.
  • Answers from attorney involved with M&A, corporate and securities law.
  • Tax aspects for SMB buy/sell transactions from CPA involved with mergers and acquisitions, exit and succession planning.


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A really big tip for business buyers:
  • Don't buy a company if it won't position you to grow by M&A. Otherwise you might be buying a job. And unnecessarily coping too much with your competition. (See below.)

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