July 1, 2020
Collective Snapshot of 2020!
History is being made right now. The San José Peace and Justice Center is documenting this revolution and creating a digital snapshot of 2020 thus far by collecting the powerful words, images, and videos that have been insp ired by the movements supporting racial justice, immigration rights, defunding and demilitarizing, and government accountability in the Bay Area: click here for more information !

If you have any videos, pictures, art, speeches, poetry, music, or anything else that you would be like added to a video collection, please submit contributions to  https://bit.ly/Snapshot-SJPJC  by  Sunday, July 5th .

Please note: only submit images you feel comfortable making public and only share images that will not compromise the safety and privacy of others. You may also be credited under a pseudonym. 
Community Care: Support Melanie
As a long-time community activist and organizer, Melanie always shows up for others. Now is the time for those who can to show up for her. Melanie has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer impacting multiple vital organs. She intends to win this fight and live on for decades as a beacon of light within our community . All funds received will go directly to paying for Melanie's cancer treatment and related expenses.

If you can, please contribute to the medical fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-melanie-fight-stage-4-cancer
Upcoming Actions
Keep Showing Up!
Abolish ICE
March and Rally
Friday, July 3rd
1331 E Calaveras Blvd Milpitas, CA 95035

Join Maíz San José, Dawn Carrillo and NAACP & NAACP Youth San José on Friday at 5 PM in Milpitas for a march and rally! Meet at Calavaras Hills, then march to Milpitas City Hall. For more information, click this link .
BLM Art Protest
Saturday, July 4th
8 AM
Backesto Park
San José, CA 95112

Get up early and head to the Mayor's neighborhood to join in on a collaborative art protest in solidarity with various community organizations!

Click this link to volunteer and contribute to the action!
Anthony Nuñez Angelversary
Saturday, July 4th
10 AM
Backesto Park
San José, CA 95112

Join the Nuñez family, those who have lost loved ones due to police violence, and the community as we remember the life of Anthony Nuñez. The celebration of Anthony's life will include live music, a rap contest, and a backpack giveaway for youth who need help in the community.

Click here for more information from the Silicon Valley DeBug Instagram page!
Unity March for Systemic Change
Saturday, July 4th
2 PM

San José City Hall
200 E Santa Clara St.
San José, CA 95113
Stand in solidarity with We the People at the Unity March for Systemic Change! We the People demand systemic change and demand it now! Enough is enough. Come to call for the defunding of police and allocation of the funds to help uplift the community!

For more information, click here!
Free the Children City Hall Rally
Saturday, July 4th
5 PM

San José City Hall
200 E Santa Clara St.
San José, CA 95113
Come to protest the illegal and dehumanizing measures taken against children at our border. We are the voices on a day dedicated to freedom, and we won't be quiet until all the children are free!

For more information, click here!
Other Ways to Support the Movement
To support those participating on foot, donate to these organizations!

HERO Tent Bay Area - Human Empowerment Radical Optimism is a group of volunteers providing food, water, and medical supplies to protesters, speakers, and organizers.

B.L.A.C.K. Outreach - Black Liberation And Collective Knowledge is a group that organizes protests and strives to protect, nurture, educate, and liberate the Black & Brown communities of San José.

Tha Hood Squad - A socially conscious art collective who volunteer their time to feed hungry families, seniors, and homeless people. They also support and lead protests around issues dealing with Police terrorism, deportation, gentrification and mass incarceration.

YouthHype - A community-based organization empowering youth from disenfranchised and marginalized communities through educational workshops.
Community Calendar
Check out our Community Calendar for more opportunities to take action: https://sanjosepeace.org/calendar/

You can also add events to the calendar by clicking the "Suggest Event" button on the top left corner!
Black Lives Matter
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